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Film Study 2 Xijun Liu Instructor: Prof. Josh Kanin (date) Woochi (2009 from Korea) Film Evaluation Report 1.) What is this film about? Is the filmmaker making any kind of statements about life and/or the human condition? If so, what are they? Explain fully, providing examples from the film…
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Film Evaluation Reports
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Download file to see previous pages While there is a tendency to see such films as lesser forms of film, they can and should be appreciated for the way in which they show how cultures can take a lighter view of themselves and of their mythologies. Films that use silliness as a basis for their entertainment are often making light of aspects of society in order to shed a light on how serious human beings sometimes take themselves. Woochi (2009) is first set 500 years in the past, a story of mythologies and human politics creating a set up for the events that will take place in the present. The film begins with a story of goblins who steal an item called the Pipe of the Prophecy, the piece having powers that should not get into the wrong hands. The flute is used by the one god to keep the others, each representing the lunar calendar year. Three demi-gods are trying involved in trying to keep the flute from the goblins, or demons, but when they fail, they ask the help of the Taoist Wizards who are able to retrieved the flute. However, the Master wizard’s apprentice, who is a bit self important and has a huge pride problem, is accused of a murder and he takes the flute and sets himself into a painted manuscript to hide. When it is discovered that both he and the flute are in the manuscript, one of the wizards, Hwadom, goes into the manuscript, only to realize that once he is near the flute, he himself is one of the demons. This is a secret to those demons who take human form. They forget that they are demons until they are near the flute. Through a series of coincidences, the flute is torn into three pieces, thus preventing Hwadom from getting the flute and putting it back together. In modern day Seoul, the goblins start once again causing mischief and the three demigods decide to set Woochi free in order to stop the problem. The goblins, disguised as humans, are outside of any current means to stop them, so setting Woochi, who has some of the same knowledge of the Taoist wizards from 500 years previous, seems the best way to handle the problem. They convince Woochi to help them, and all of them being in modern day Korea leads to a great deal of humor based upon the conflict of how people of another time would deal with modern day life. 2.) What does the film reveal about the personality and interests of the filmmaker? What does the film reveal about the attitude of the filmmaker toward his subject? Explain fully. The film engages myth in order to set up its conflicts and to find ways in which to express human hopes and fears through personifications. The nature of the lunar calendar creatures is to personify specific aspects of the dark side of humanity, thus discussing the human existence through this type of literary study. In creating supernatural elements, the real world is reflected in such a way as to create a sectional discussion of different emotional parts of being human. Mythology often isolates aspects of human existence so that those elements can be explored through a less complex examination. This is often the case with humor as well. Humor allows for a piece of literature to more closely examine a part of human life by isolating a part of it and looking at it from various, unusual perspectives. In this film, the concepts of drinking, bumbling, and sexuality are looked at from the perspective of outsiders looking in, as the time variance creates an ‘alien’ atmosphere for the main characters. Using aspects of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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