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Name Professor Course Date Essay 2 The contemporary society has been pervaded by the power of money and materialism. The essays by James B. Twitchel and E. M Forster attempt to offer insight on the various paradigms revolving around the increasing materialistic society…
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Download file to see previous pages This is evident from his personalization of the effects of property (his wood) on his persona. James Twitchel essay entitled, “In Praise of Consumerism,” offers a significant view on the effects of consumerism to the society. His narration depicts a holistic view on the perceptions and adverse effects of consumerism in society. Furthermore, Twitchel offers a positive perspective of consumerism as highlighted by capitalists. A comparative analysis of both essays reveals complementing views and at time divergent views on the effects of a capitalistic and material oriented society. According to Twitchel, today’s society has been significantly enslaved by consumerism. In light of this, he states that ‘consumers are led around by the nose.’ This is an apparent depiction of the blind enslavement of consumers by the producers. .However, there exist divergent views pertaining to its effect on the society. To this end, he states that from a Marxist perspective, the buyers are being consistently duped by the aggressive marketers or sellers of products. Forster’s perceptions highlight the same issues when he states that, ‘creation, property and enjoyment’ have formed a suspicious trinity in the human mind. However, property seems to have appealed to the senses of the human mind. Consequently, property appears to offer a better option in the promise of satisfying all desires. Moreover, it is an unavoidable precinct since it is forced upon humans by the economic system. As a result, man opts for property rather than face starvation. Furthermore, Foster believes that the soul has succeeded in deceiving humans that with property; lays self development. Moreover, it has consistently deceived humans in believing that life on earth ‘ought to be material.’ Consequently, today’s society has been plagued by the insatiable desire to gather more wealth and property. As a result, humans have been enslaved by the capitalistic society through consumerism. On the contrary, Twitchel reveals a capitalist perspective by stating that producers are simply satisfying the growing demands of the consumers. Furthermore, consumerism is believed to be the success of the popular will. This is because the goods and services present the better option of achieving people’s desires. Consequently, the production of further goods only serves to fulfil the growing desires of society. Twitchel argues that the definitions and justification accorded to capitalism, has been degraded over time to exclude the customers’ values. Consequently, he states that past descriptions of capitalism since the early 1920’s, were clearly ‘so understandable, so acceptable.’ However contemporary definitions have become devoid and unaccountable to the values of the consumer. To this end, it seems that the capitalistic society has become an exploitative, deceptive and enslaving tool for the consumers. Thus, Twitchel states that ‘How and why did the consumer get dumbed down and phased out so quickly?’ The producers of goods and services have deceived consumers by creating a perception of ‘false needs’ to the society. However, Twitchel believes that the consumerist society has been fuelled the human affinity to possessing more stuff. In comparison to Forster’s essay, this is equally self evident when he divulges that he feel that his ‘wood’ (property), ‘ought to be larger.’ Furthermore, he reveals that he was displeased when he thought ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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