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Critical Analisis about Kate Chopin - Essay Example

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Topic:  Critical Analysis about Kate Chopin Overview of Kate Chopin Kate Chopin is a female author of the 20th century and has written many novels which have become noteworthy and famous. She was born in St.Louis inthe state of Missouri from America and was author of novels and short stories…
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Critical Analisis about Kate Chopin
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Extract of sample "Critical Analisis about Kate Chopin"

Download file to see previous pages The unique feature of Chopin’s work was her attitude of boldness and novelty in her writing. After her marriage, Chopin adopted a Creole nature to her work. She later entered a family life and gave birth to six children during her course of married life. Later, due to her husband’s death and debt issues she became little disturbed and depressed. Chopin in coming years had to look after the business and estate of her husband which inflicted her with depression. Later for living needs, Kate started her profession of writing. Biography of Kate Chopin Kate Chopin was born as daughter of Eliza and Thomas O’Flahertry in St.Louis in 1850. Kate Chopin had two sisters and two brothers, and all of them did not live longer than their adulthood. She was the only child who completed her 25 years of age among the children. She was sent to The Sacred Academy, a Catholic boarding school in 1855 when she was five and half years of age. Two months after her admission in school her father was killed in a train accident. Later she lived with her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. However, all these women were of single status as they were widows. It was her great grandmother who introduced Kate into the field of art where she was trained to speak French and play music. Since Kate lived surrounded by single and bold women she herself has a versatile personality. Later she returns to the Sacred Academy School and attained first position in her studies. She also won medals and was invited into be the member of the elite Children of Mary Society .During this period she developed a habit of dairy writing, and this could be taken as a first step in writing habit. Kate married at the age of twenty to Oscar Chopin and bore six children from the marriage. In 1882, Oscar died of a swamp fever and later Kate had to take over her husband’s business. It was to support her children and family that she started to write. Articles and response The first article which I have chosen is “Kate Chopin: In Search of Freedom,” written by Floramaria Deter. Here the author is writing about the sense of freedom desired by Kate Chopin. for the women in the 19th century. According to the author, Kate was different from other feminist writer because she understood the plight of women of her century and wanted freedom for women on all platforms such as education, politics and professional .The second article is “This American Story: Kate Chopin, the First Feminist” by Joseph F.Cotto. Cotto describes that Kate Chopin was a women far ahead of times. She presented the boldness, intelligence and unique personality unlike other feminist writers as she was involved in all field of human activity. She was a responsible housewife, mother to six children, a businesswoman and a creative writer. The author gives the message here that at a young age she married, looked after a business, and became a writer which was outstanding for women of that period. The third article is a brief one named “Kate Chopin” and gives an insight into the life of Kate Chopin .This article is a short one, but looks at Kate Chopin’s life from a different dimension. The critical point of Kate’s personality is depicted in this article which suggests that she was a fallen woman because she demanded for a higher position for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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