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The Role of Women in the Society - Essay Example

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The role of a woman has been through many transformations over the decades the character that women used to play has ultimately been changed. Now women and girls face different challenges and opportunities, like men they play a very important role in the development and success of this society. …
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The Role of Women in the Society
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"The Role of Women in the Society"

Download file to see previous pages In the historic times women had to face a lot of difficulties they were torn out from their rights and endured men’s unfair and barbaric behavior. They were ruled and controlled over by a men-oriented society, now things have changed; women have indeed risen from their past stature. They fear not the dominant and authoritative gender, instead they stand parallel and rose up to the challenge of being treated as the inferior one. Women today are independent unlike the ancient times, when traditionally women played the roles of an obedient daughter, caring sister, loyal wife and a loving mother. Education has diversified the typical role of a woman that they have played for so many years. Today women opt to become business women, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, economists they even appear for elections. Throughout the last 3-4 centuries the changes that women have undergone are phenomenal. They have made their foothold in politics, offices yet still have power over the household stuff, because women were considered dumb and absurd. There have been times when women were abolished from making their voice heard in many areas of life because they were seen as less informed and less learned for example in politics, government policies they were even stripped from their right of casting votes for the presidential elections. Although now in modern times the workforce in any organization is full of hard working and powerful women. Despite the many drastic changes that have been in the world there had also been a one more subtle one which is the role that women play now in the household. Over the time women from being the homemakers, housewives and caretakers of the children have switched places with being the bread winners just like men. Women were considered as followers but now they have exchanged places and become leaders of the society (Kleinberg, 1988). Gradually women are overtaking men’s quotient level. The stereotypical character women have played for so long is now dissolving, which was that women would stay home and take care of the children, cooked, washed dishes and cloths, cleaned the house all in all took care of the domestic house responsibilities while men earned. The broader picture has changed, now women and men of the house both take care of the domestic chores and earn. Despite all the changes, women still face one troublesome situation even in the modern times which is the offensive negative sexual attention women receive. They bear insulting comments in the work place and are considered as a “piece-of-meat”. One out of 6 women becomes victims of sexual assaults while for men the ratio is 1 out of 33. The vast difference in these statistics is not shocking because women have always been treated in that way some nations are still unsafe for women to go out freely without a male companion. Even though women have evolved, gained success and yet they have un-succeeded in gaining respect. While women have been tagged with ugly sexist comments and terms, they are making their ground in numerous occupations educations, politics, etc. Although women have evolved from being mere housewives, still they are held responsible for the household day to day chores. Though the work is as not as tough as in the older times because manual work has been replaced with more modern technologies and methods. It is an awkward fact that there is a sense on embarrassment attached to the notion of being a housewife. In many nations the thought of staying home, awaiting the return of their husband is looked upon as a waste of man power. Woman now is considered as a being with potential that should do their bit for the betterment of economy. Mothers are given all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The role of women in the society
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The Role of Women in Society
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