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American Government - Essay Example

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Author Tutor Course Date American Government Discuss the reasons for the filibuster in the U.S. Senate. Do you think the filibuster should be eliminated? Why or why not? A filibuster in the U.S. senate refers to obstructive tactics used in preventing a measure brought to a vote (Magruder 73)…
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American Government Essay
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"American Government"

Download file to see previous pages This is because the minority party can have powers to control the interests of the majority party in doing as they wish and desire. In addition, another reason for filibuster in the senate is to keep the senate from becoming a House, which may be succumbed to the passions of the day. In my view, I think filibuster should not be eliminated since it is a remarkably crucial and unique issue in the U.S. government. The filibuster should not be eliminated since it is a strong tool to the minority party. The minority can use the filibuster in making a point or trying to get their way. In the senate, a senator or his minority party can block a full nomination or senate consideration of a certain bill through unlimited debate of a proposal. The use of the filibuster by the minority ensures representation of the minority party in the senate, which creates a balance in the senate. Hence, the filibuster in the senate should not be eliminated since its withdrawal in the senate would threaten free speech and debate in the senate. List and explain some of the various roles (constitutional and extraconstitutional) that a president must play. Of these roles, which role do you believe is most important for a president, and why? The American president has both constitutional and extra constitutional roles with which he is associated. One of the constitutional roles of the American president is assuming the role of chief of state. Through this role, the president acts as a symbolic leader of America and abroad. When assuming this role, the president should be above politics. Another constitutional role assumed by the president is that of the chief administrator. In playing this role, the president is responsible for executing all rules and overseeing the bureaucracy. Another constitutional role is being the chief commander. In assuming this role, the president does not play a symbolic role; he decides what to do in times of conflict. The president is given a superior ability in assessing and reacting to situations. In addition, the president plays a constitutional role in assuming the role of a chief diplomat. In this role, the president determines countries to negotiate foreign policies and the ones to recognize officially. On the other hand, the president plays the role of a party leader as one of the extra constitutional roles. Another extra constitutional role played by the president is that of an economy manager. In taking this responsibility, the president directs the economy. In addition, another extra constitutional role of the president is being the voice of the people. The president represents all the people for the entire nation since it is the only position, which the whole nation has to decide who will be the leader. Of these roles, I think being the chief commander is the most vital role. This stems from the fact that the president is capable of analyzing situations and coming up with strategies to protect the nation. Describe the process whereby the Supreme Court sets its agenda, makes its decisions, and delivers them to the public. The process of Supreme Court’s agenda-setting commences when a party loses a case in a lower court, desires the Supreme Court to evaluate the verdict of the lower court, and files a petition for an appeal with the court or a writ of certiorari. After the petition for certiorari and entire accompanying briefs are recorded, the office of the Supreme ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American government
With the separated powers of several ruling individuals, the very idea of American democracy is concretized. The American Constitution states that, “Generally, the legislative branch makes America's laws, the executive branch enforces the laws, and the judicial branch decides cases under the laws.” (The American Constitution cited in Cengage).
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In addition, the committees also critiqued the actions of individuals and politicians and contributed in the passing of judgment for those found guilty of perpetrating gross acts of human rights violation. An example of the commissions set up to determine the relevant parties involved in these gross human rights violations was the CAVR.
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Some researchers regard them as offering the greatest potential for the alleviation of human suffering since the development of antibiotics; scientists have therefore established ways of coaxing these cells in order to develop most of the human cells. Researchers claim that these cells may be used to replace or repair damaged cells, and they possess the potential to drastically change the treatment to many diseases, like bone loss, broken bones, brain damage due to oxygen starvation, severe burns, cancer (some forms), diabetes, Lou Gehrig's disease, heart disease, hepatitis, incomplete bladder control, Huntington's, leukemia, lupus, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, Par
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Either way, at that moment more than any other, it became the most imperative for each branch of the legislative body to unite, as a way to collectively formulate a counteractive 'battle' plan to achieve the collective goal of national security. Collectively, it can be said that politics since its inception has been more about building egos and self promotion rather than care and concern for those less fortunate than themselves, but after the terrorist attack that took down two of the strongest monuments to the strength of the US's greatest city, politician and citizen alike gathered together to show the world that the United States would in fact rise above and prosper.
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American Government
The body does not always act to fulfill their wishes but may act otherwise in accordance with the prevailing circumstances. The representatives are elected by the voters where the winning candidate becomes the people’s representative. Representative democracy is
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rtion ie: rape; an increase in republican/independents who lean toward republican (democrats remain unchanged in their view); Catholics and Protestants are up related most likely to Obama being pro-choice and in favor of legalizing and funding abortions. Obama’s policies
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From the analysis provided, I could relate the facts put across in the essay and the actual occurrences in the present word. This made it possible
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