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Economic & Marketing ( Project) - Research Paper Example

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Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Economic and Marketing Finance can be described as a branch of economics apprehensive with resource management as resource allocation, investment and acquisition. The key deal of finance is matters related to the market and money being the key factor…
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Economic & Marketing (Research Project)
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"Economic & Marketing ( Project)"

Download file to see previous pages The field of financial services and the people who work in it are far more diverse than or other pervasive images would lead one to believe. It is a field that offers an extensive range of career opportunities to several people who do not fit any of the stereotypes of financial wizards. Indeed, life of people employed in finance affected almost every aspect of business because money still does make the world go around. Personality traits of a person to take finance as a major of study are quite a number. A person needs to be a highly motivated individual, well driven to make money and very outgoing. In addition, majoring in finance, there are regulatory requirements that need to be taken into consideration namely; economics, accounting, business finances, business law, stock market and other related areas of study (Fabozzi 99). A person need to be competent with statistics and all things involved in the world of business finances. Those who pursue careers in finance in the coming years find that their activities are increasingly global in nature. Investing and cross-border financing are made easily due to technology and more common than they have ever been. Developing nations and former Communist countries continue to grow due to capitalist institutions and stock market (Sumichrast 11). It will be an electrifying time to be involved in the wide variety of careers available in financial services. An opportunity in financial careers explores a range of jobs available to newcomers as well as those who are more seasoned in the world of finance. The type of work a bank clerk, teller, or administrative assistant performs at the most well recognized financial institution for example the bank, is a good example of the type of job that lies in the field of finance. Within these broad categories, a range of jobs is revealed. In general, the financial institutions e.g. the bank, offer a great deal of predictability and stability as well as competitive salaries, and this will remain so in the foreseeable future. In developing countries, availability of agricultural credit as a policy is expanding due to accelerate of rural and agricultural development. Credit institutions in many countries are heavily subsided. Finance being taken as a course in many institutions has greatly affected developing countries due to the knowledge of financial analysts in the country. This is a great significant to the society at large and personal wellbeing. Changes in interest rates, pricing policies, financial liquidity and taxation, asset composition, capital formation, and inflation, along with other phenomena, compose a set of factors, which introduce a new situation in the economies of developing countries (Sumichrast 20). As one who is intimately involved with management and decision-making can attest to the overriding importance of the macroeconomic factors, which impinged on daily decisions. There are key education elements required in finance sector. Bachelor’s degrees in finance, accounting, business or a related field are the recommended field in studying finance as a course. A keen understanding of insurance, banking and stock market practices plays a significant role for one to be successful in finance and attain professional and specialization credentials (Brigham 200). Retirement planning, investing tactics and insurance fall under a course program in financial advisory. A student who is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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