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The Gay Option by Stephanie Fairyington - Essay Example

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Do you wish to make a simple issue complicated? Take it to the politicians. Do you wish to make a simple issue profound? Take it to the intellectuals and sociologists. Do you wish to simply drag the issue without any solutions? Take it to a women’s organization…
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The Gay Option by Stephanie Fairyington
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Extract of sample "The Gay Option by Stephanie Fairyington"

Download file to see previous pages For the same sex attractions of an individual, it is incorrect and futile to blame parenting of mother or immediate relatives. None should volunteer to tender him concepts of happiness; none should give opinions after opinions to rob him of his private dignity. Such a gay should remove from his dictionary phrases like “shattering experience,” “self-loathing,” etc. The gay’s normal world must run according to his plans; terms and conditions should not apply for his existence with honor. Instead of hide and seek, it is better to deserve and remain contented with what the gay has been blessed with without asking. About the experience undergone by the protagonist Stephanie Fairyington writes, “It worked. Five years later, my mother continues to talk about my lesbianism as if it were a genetic defect like Down syndrome—a parallel she’s actually drawn—because clearly, in her mind, no one would choose such a detestable and challenging state of being.” ( are the punch lines and the ultimate philosophy for the gay to live with honor. This is the ideal that a mother can do for her dear child. The second step the author rightly chooses is to let the mother know that the gay has the option on the issue. This awareness in her was the new beginning in the life for the gay. The immediate question is what could be that choice. Many forces of opposition that are waiting in the wings to see the drama of gay’s life will arrive on the stage to express pity, opposition, condemnation, intolerance about attack on the established norms of the society, loss in the societal equilibrium, with the ardent advice to change the decision. Change decision and do what? None has the answer. The actors have left the stage and disappeared behind the curtain. The protagonist was alone again. Back to square one! The homosexual inclination of the gay is one’s natural trait. The physical structure and mental horizon of the gay is true to the design of the nature that created him thus. Why the nature did this for the gay is one of the many unsolved mysteries of nature. The interventions of the societal leaders about the issues related to the gays needs to be of benevolence and not malevolence. Social reformation and rehabilitation are the easiest words for the philanthropists to pronounce. Solve this practical problem, if you are worthy of the trust of the gays. If the societal leaders and family members are unable to appreciate the complexity of the issue they should not create mental hurdles for the gays. Homosexuality is the fact of life. Accept it, tolerate it, or reject it but it is desirable not to meddle unnecessarily with the gays. What the gay does is of his choice. He does not “infringe the rights of others.” There are many types of sex-related crimes and a gay is not an individual with criminal tendencies. One can get lots of information from newspaper reports, interviews and discussions in the electronic media, articles in the magazines, etc. about the abnormal behavior of the so-called normal individuals of the society. Where do you place the gays in comparison of such individuals who indulge in heinous sex-related criminal activities? Gays choose the option available to them, and by no consideration it is mean, they are just ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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