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Research on crossing borders - Essay Example

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Research Essay on Crossing Borders 1. Introduction Over millions of immigrants are crossing the borders of the United States and other developed countries for the hope of a better life and the opportunities that the nation can provide. This immigration drive inspires these immigrants to adapt into the native culture, as well as breaking the barriers of ethnic division…
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Research essay on crossing borders
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"Research on crossing borders"

Download file to see previous pages This increase in population is by and large due to immigrants. Not only has the population increase, the immigration influenced the nation culturally, socially, and politically. The Latinos’ population growth is higher than the population growth in the blacks. That is why the Spanish language has spread all over the country. There are The Spanish language has spread nationwide, and it is the accepted language in the workplace. There are also various Asian languages spoken all over the country. There are also many bilingual and multilingual schools have been established nationwide (Wilkinson 1). 2.A. Interests and Incentives for Immigration Men move from one country to another for various complex reasons. Some of them are forced to move out of their home country due to some serious disagreement or prejudices, while the others willingly move abroad. Whatever be the reasons, the immigrants face various social, cultural and other difficulties in the new nation. Most of the migrants courageously face these difficulties mainly to recover their present economic status, as about all of them likely to move to the more developed nations for better earnings. After globalization, the movement of the labor force has been increased. 2.B. Social status and working condition of the immigrants in the receiver countries Henry in her paper explores that immigrants in the United Nations is socially accepted depending on the international position of their home country. She cited examples that the immigrants from the Northwest European countries are always socially accepted with high status. After globalization, people from Japan are also getting high social status in the country. The social status of China is day by day growing after 1990s due to its economic and armed forces’ strength. Immigrants from the African countries are always been treated with lowest status (Henry, 1). Orrenius and Zavodny in their paper indicates that the immigrants work in more risky jobs in their workplaces that their native counterparts. They found that the immigrants take on more risky ventures in more dangerous industries. They estimated that among 20 million immigrant workers1 and found that 358 more immigrants have died every year than that compared to the mortality of the native workers (Orrenius and Zavodny 16). They found that the foreign workers prefer these jobs due to their lower ability to speak English and have proper education skill. There is also competition among the workers due to continuous inflow of more and more laborers. Another interesting aspect of the working condition of the immigrants is the wage difference with their native counterparts. 2.C.Public Attitudes towards the immigrants The attitude of the country people towards the immigration is of utmost importance due to several reasons. Firstly, these attitudes can drive the government to make or amend policies for the immigrants. And no policy can be implemented properly without public support. For example, because of the public opposition to the ethnic and racial discrimination in the 1960s led to the removal of explicitly discriminatory immigration regulation in US and Canada. Also, the public attitude is day by day reflected in their behavior towards the foreign-born people. This is also of utmost importance because any positive behavior from them can lead to the success and satisfaction in the immigrants. In 1990s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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