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Everyday Use by: Alice Walker - Research Paper Example

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Course Date Contents Abstract 3 Thesis statement 3 Introduction 4 Conservatism 4 Liberalism 5 Cultural Conflict 6 Methodology 6 Results 7 Everyday Use 8 Work cited 9 Abstract Cultural discrepancies stem from the different views of individuals…
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Everyday Use by: Alice Walker
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Extract of sample "Everyday Use by: Alice Walker"

Download file to see previous pages In the short story by Alice Walker, the two daughters hold contrasting heritages and identities. The conflict between the two characters can be identified from the beliefs and the values they hold at the present time. For instance, Dee’s viewpoints are predominantly modern while the mother values heritage for its personal significance and usefulness. Thesis statement The rationale for the story lies in understanding the meaning of a people’s heritage based on the incorporation of new behavior picked up from other cultures. Introduction Arguably, modernization has brought pervasive cultural changes. This has been proliferated by shifts from absolute values and norms that have been laid as guidelines to socialization. This shift is inclined towards values and norms that are more tolerant, rational, participatory and trusting. Despite the effects of modernization on culture, the broader aspect and perspective of culture is path dependent. This means that in as much as culture is affected by modernity, the values it advocates are autonomous and enduring on a society. Individuals may have their personalities natured in certain cultures, but change later when they move to new environments. For instance, some cross-cultural differences and similarities may form the basis of a national culture. In the short story; on one hand, Dee’s educational background has influenced her perspective. Deep within her she holds the originality and fondness for her background but education has influenced her values and norms largely. On the other hand her mother has been resilient from any influences from other cultures. Conservatism Cultural conservatism aims at holding heritage –what is inherited from the past- with a lot of significance (Viejo-Rose, 103). Individuals, such as Maggie, who choose to observe their cultures do so since they believe it is culturally correct to do so. In addition, the individuals feel that culture is autonomous and enduring. They hope to reap the benefits of sticking with the values and norms. There is the aspect of cultural conflict between conservatisms and the changing group. The individuals who hold heritage with a lot of weight view the modern generation as selfish arrogant and egotistical. The modern individuals feel that their opposites are old fashioned, irrational, intolerant and harsh. The modern individuals believe that their views conform to the times and events. In the story, Maggie and Mrs. Johnson are hold heritage in high regard. They often disagree with Dee who they feel is inconsiderate and selfish. It can be observed that in the rural areas, culture can be conserved and it is passed down generations. Conservatism is viewed by Mrs. Johnson as an unintelligent idea. While lack for conservatism is seen as being unruly. Liberalism Freedom of individuals from the cultural perspective describes the activity of moving from the norm. Liberal individuals feel and believe that heritage, past, should not be imposed on them. This is following a set of specific behavior and conforming to culture. In liberalism, individuals seek to express themselves as they see feet. They argue that as long as their ideals do not affect anyone, they are right. Individuals are made liberal by their need to learn and accommodate other’s points of view. They believe that accepting other cultures makes them more culturally rich than the conservatisms. Further, they have more knowledge on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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