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Internet Culture Is a Good Thing for Pop Culture - Research Paper Example

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Internet Culture Is a Good Thing for Pop Culture It is arguably true that the new advancements in the technological and computer world have been very significant in improving and revolutionizing communication around the globe. Among the many impacts of these technological advancements, is the emergence and subsequent growth in internet use…
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Internet Culture Is a Good Thing for Pop Culture
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Download file to see previous pages These communications are either formal, informal or for purposes of entertainment. Although internet use is yet to hit all countries in the world, it registers significant influence on many modes of lifestyle either directly or indirectly. Indeed, internet use has no age restrictions, is largely accessible, is authoritative, and comes at a reasonable price. Internet culture emanates from the use of computer networks for entertainment and the study of various social phenomena associated with the internet like online games, social media, and online communities (Hermeking Web). Pop culture famously known as popular culture is the combination of all perspectives, ideas, and attitudes that deviate from the common culture in the society (Danesi 1-7). It concurs with the Western culture of the early to mid-20th century and that of the late 20th and early 21st century. It involves the aspects of social life that are more dominant in the public. It is indeed, defined by social interactions between people in their everyday activities in form of styles of dress, the use of slang, greeting rituals and the foods that people eat (Philosophy Now Web). It demonstrates a lot of influence from the media and as such by internet culture. In the past, pop culture spread through print, radio, movies, or television. However, the impact of media like television and radio is decreasing at big rate following the emergence of the internet culture, which is taking over the spread of pop culture. Indeed, there is a direct correlation between internet culture and pop culture with pop culture drawing many benefits from internet culture. Internet culture contributes to changes in civic engagement in the USA (University of California, Berkeley Web). It can equally function as a space of new divisions of labor between civil society organizational actors and lay activists. One of the most important elements of internet that greatly supports pop culture is the ability to download files. Undeniably, pop music, trends, and cultural events can seep to a large pop population through massive sharing of files. For instance, it is possible for pop fans to download music videos immediately their favorite artists release them. Additionally, internet makes it possible for pop artists to participate on pop culture activities without having to be physically present. For instance, thousands of artists are able to participate in real time when special pop culture events are held. Actually, the remarkable increase in internet penetration and high speeds makes streaming possible and therefore, able to stream videos as pop events happen. This has been a great boost to pop culture, which has also recorded a remarkable shift to internet interaction. One important thing about internet culture that makes it important to pop culture is its contribution the fast spread of pop lifestyle. Pop lifestyle, especially trends in dressing, are able to reach many people simultaneously and instantaneously. Ideally, internet has also been a platform in which, pop culture has also been able to disseminate to different parts of the world. This has been a boost to increased adoption of pop culture to many people across the world. The use of the internet have in a big way led to the spread of more information on pop culture as many people can now access this information over the internet with ease and no restrictions. However, pop culture does not necessarily depend on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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