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The History and General Overview of Gay Marriages - Research Paper Example

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Instructor Date Gay Marriages The History and General Overview of Gay Marriages State legislatures all over the United States assume control over different types of marriages. The key issues in these public debates have been the subject of whether marriage should be limited to only to separate genders or individuals of the same sex…
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The History and General Overview of Gay Marriages
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"The History and General Overview of Gay Marriages"

Download file to see previous pages Thirty eight states in the US have adopted provisions that prohibit same sex marriage. This is achievable through the adoption of the “defense of marriage” provisions in the US constitutions. Universally, marriage means a legal union between a man and woman. The couples become husband and wife in the institution of marriage. There are various states known to ban same sex marriages and gender (Samar 54). In the twenty states of US, they have placed this language when it comes to their state constitutions. An additional ten states have legislative language that adopts the restrictive language. This does not include Washington and Maryland as of this year (2012) they adopted laws that allowed same sex marriages. Currently, there are also six states and the District of Columbia permits marriage by persons of the same sex. The highest courts in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa ruled that the state's constitution did recommend same sex partners to be accorded similar rights as the opposite sex. In DC, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, their legislative organs have passed legislative changes to allow same sex marriage (Samar 55). The above mentioned states perform same sex marriages. ...
Marriage in different states is a secular activity, and the government should not start making laws just because religion demands (Samar 55). Marital Benefit Gay couples deserve to enjoy the benefits other married couples do enjoy. Such benefits will include shared ownership and having the decision making capacity. Marriage is more than just a legal status. The legal status is instrumental in regards to the subject of tax, ownership of property, benefits from the insurance, and agency laws. It can also affect serious medical decisions (Samar 55). Medical decision includes instances of personal incapacitation or surgery. Gay Marriage as a Lifestyle In the today world, homosexuality has become a situation that is acceptable, and there is biological evidence that one been gay is in their DNA. Homosexuality been seen as a deviant sexual behavior for a long time. There are history books and psychological research that supports these allegations. The term lesbian originates from a Greek island Lesbos (Samar 55). At the same time, there are biological reasons to support homosexuality and the issues of it been genetic are yet to be fully proved. Discrimination of Minorities The foundation of America embraces majority rule, however, a greater deal of protecting the rights of minorities. The Bill of Rights supports the need to protect the rights of minorities, anti slavery, and protection of the equal amendments (Samar 55). This contributes to the opinion that denying gay couples to be married is the same as denying marriage among Hispanic and Black Couples. Should Gay Marriages be supported (NO)? Religion considers it to be Sin Homosexuality is a cardinal sin among various religions around the globe. The basic or societal morals state that homosexuality and gay marriages are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The History and General Overview of Gay Marriages Research Paper.
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