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World View on Religion - Essay Example

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Growing up my parents raised my brother, sister and myself Catholic. We attended Sunday school and as we got older would attend church with our parents…
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World View on Religion
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"World View on Religion"

Download file to see previous pages Looking back on this I am curious as to why my parents would just stop participating, which in turn meant my siblings and I stopped participating in the church. I feel that this exposure to the church early in my life planted the seeds for the morals and values I can proudly say I have today. However as the expanse of time sense we left the church grew; I slowly started questioning the church and its members more and more. Slowly growing more disenfranchised until my tipping point in 2008 while deployed on board the USS Los Angeles. My early years were shaped by my parents teaching me the difference between right and wrong and how I should face the world little steps at a time. This is where I feel that religion has played a vital role. As a Catholic the concept of good is founded upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and of course the Bible. The Gospel plays an important function in this and how ideas that I correlate with my personal ethics are influenced. In this regard the idea of heaven has played in my mind ever since. Jesus inspires us to be good to be worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and most of what I know about this place came from the teachings of the church and mass media’s portrayal of it. In order for any good Catholic to achieve this, one must live virtuous life. I was told to do good to others and in one proverbial Catholic maxim: when someone throws you stones, throw bread in return. Correlatively, ‘Be good to thy neighbors’ immediately comes to mind. These are just some of the things that I have carried with me from childhood and I have always thought that they shape how I live and conduct myself to others. Without knowing what ethics is or understanding what it means including all its various types, this is what I know. The Ten Commandments is a fundamental fragment of the Catholic religion which differentiates it among others. From a time of lawlessness and chaos, God has sent to Moses His commandments to the people encapsulated in ten short sentences. When I was a child, this is the first set of laws that I came across with. My days attending Sunday school was my first taste of beginning to comprehend what following rules meant. Slowly as I grow older these rules vary and complicate and how every person deals with it differs concurrently. In retrospect I realize how basic these things are and how at the same time they are so terribly difficult for us to follow. It baffles me how something so archaic such as the Ten Commandments is relevant then to the same extent it is today without us realizing. What it contains is nothing out of the ordinary and any sensible ethical proposition has contained basically the same core ideas. ‘Honor thy God,’ ‘Do not covet thy neighbor’s wife’ and ‘Honor thy parents’ are just some of the imperative notions that finds its value beyond Catholicism. Religion is a way that helps parents in rearing their children and teaching them to be good people in the future. I think that the bible is one good parenting book to serve as guide in times of uncertainty. It defines what any parent would want their child’s perception to be. Religion, in most cases, determines how we dress, what holidays we celebrate, what books we read and sometimes what language we speak. Though it is a fundamental Constitutional right to choose one’s religion and to change it at our will, it is our parents who initially decide for us and whether or not we adapt the same up to the moment that we die, what they have instilled have become a part of us that we cannot easily erase at our every whim. It creates a sense of belongingness and knowing that you are part of something, a tradition that extends far beyond yourself. This also paves the way for interaction which is especially meaningful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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