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Enlightened View of the American Woman - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Date Enlightened view of the American Woman (Based on Susan’s Signs of Intelligent life on TV and Desperate Housewives) Susan Douglas’ Signs of Intelligent life is based on several TV shows e.g. the ER and NYPD among others. ER was a surprise hit but it wasn’t at all to the group of mothers with jobs, kids, older parents, and friends/partners/husbands who were interested in saying more than hi…
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Enlightened View of the American Woman
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"Enlightened View of the American Woman"

Download file to see previous pages In 1993, NYPD hit the screens where great lightning bongo drums in the sound tracks, accomplished women and male nudity was featured there was a sigh of relief from millions of viewers. But, when ER was released there was a cause of hope because it was another hospital drama (Alan and Logan). In 2004, desperate housewives hit the air and it gained popularity among the married women with jobs kids, husbands, friends, and partners and also beyond. All these shows gave an acknowledgement of the importance of adult female audience. Women were featured as ongoing characters working for a living and focuses on contemporary problems in heterosexual relationships although there has not been an achievement of daily couples who are homosexual on TV (Blackwell). To be on point and dog eyed bound, though wounded emotionally, it is an eager to talk it through the guy centre stage. The question is what do we gain whenever we submerge and kickback ourselves in these TV shows? And is there anything which can be said about the ongoing feminism project? Susan projects NYPD Blue as a cop show set in New York city, a Steven Bochoco’s signature style of production, the show has a lot of hand held camera work, lots of shaky, first paced and with intersecting plots of various crimes which are multiple and the personal lives of those who do the investigations. Susan points out that in the last season there were more women. And this year the show is being masculinised. Kelly (a woman in the last season) was replaced by Jimmy Smits (a male in the new season), this could only be compared to a territorial peeing contest. The scriptwriter portrayed him as a widower as a result of breast cancer which killed his wife. Immediately the viewer is informed of the tragic death, we are shown Bobby warning punks dealing in drugs that he would terminate them (Chandler). ER on the other hand has also showed story lines that are interesting, and the up of fast tracking cameras which are sprint down hospital corridors and like hawks on speed are swirl around operating tables. There are also elements of percussive sounds and bongo drums when the patients are being rushed in for treatment. In Chicago Hope is ER on Vellum, the cameras are stationary at a slower pace and instead of the bongo drums R & B are played. For ER on Helium and Northern Exposure, it goes to the hospital with beats that represent the character of the patient, e.g. the one that eats her hair or one with a fallen off ear. There is also the emphasis of ideal families and family as an institution in the show. The society as portrayed in this show values an ideal family. In both shows we see the establishment of a family as an institution. The authors have put a great emphasis on how ideal American families are and the various challenges that they face. This can be seen citing an example of the desperate house wives all housewives in the show are in a typical setup of an American family. However, there is the gender connected feeling that women care more for the attainment of an ideal family than men. Each female character in this show is portrayed as struggling to attain the idealistic family, which is a culturally determined feeling. They think about what the general society judges an ideal family as and struggle to see that their families are of this type. This ideal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Enlightened View of the American Woman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Enlightened View of the American Woman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Enlightened View of the American Woman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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