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Designing a Cover Book - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Designing a Book Cover One needs to design a book cover in a creative, arousing and unique manner. While common adage advices us against the premise “judge a book by its cover”, the outer of a book or the book cover means a lot, and may mean the difference between a prospective reader picking it up or not…
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Designing a Cover Book
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"Designing a Cover Book"

Download file to see previous pages Richardson and P. Parnell, with illustrations by H. Cole. It is a book based on the real life of Silo and Roy two Chinstrap penguins, both male, in Central Park Zoo, New York. Their life is followed in the book, which trails their six-year partnership during which they are given an egg to raise (Justin et al 15). While winning numerous awards, it has been mired in many culture wars and censorship debates on adoption, same-sex unions and animal homosexuality. It was announced to be the book most challenged from 2006-2010 by the ALA. The page cover is set against a sky blue backdrop, with a few patches being lighter than the dominant color. This is appealing to the target since this is a reflective and dreamy color. The lighter patches show enlightenment and possibility of further existence, and meaning, underneath the backdrop. At the bottom of the cover are bread remains, as in most zoos where animal lovers throw food at penguins, with the bread being concentrated to the center right, though traces are seen still strewn around the completely lower part of the cover. Standing amidst these breadcrumbs are two Chinstrap penguins of similar size and stature to show similar sex, aligned more to the left of the cover, facing the viewer. Behind them is a chain link fence. Their body covering dark in color, they both spot white miniature bow ties, holding wings and looking down at an egg peeking from under the penguin on the right. Between the peeing egg and the right margin of the cover is the title in purple in purple with gold margins. The penguin on the right points at the egg with his free wing, a look of bewilderment on his face, while the other penguin has his free wing holding his left cheek, a look of pure terror on his face. To the right of the cover, further in the background are two penguins, different in size and stature to show different sex. They are deep in conversation with the larger one apparently jabbing his hand at Roy and Silo. The female however has a look of pure contentment and relief, since two eggs overwhelmed her, and another egg can be seen under her feet. The sky above them is full of faceless doves (Richardson et al 8). The back blurb reads: Silo and Roy, plucked from their ideal and wonderful world, have been thrust into a world that cares not about them, but what they bring to this place they have made them call home. Catapulted into the middle of a world they had never even dreamt of, the zookeepers pounce on their apparent affinity for each other. With no prior experience, they find a new guest thrust on them, memories of their fun day’s just ashes in the wind. As they become the center of attention for a world pre-occupied with feelings, allergic to thought and reflection, every day brings them closer to the truth. Number 3! 2. And Tango Makes Three Book Cover for Retired Armed Forces Men and Women. The page cover will be set against a dark cloudy backdrop, with flashes of lightning and barely visible raindrops. This should show the turmoil and mistrust at all the attention that must be going through Silo and Roy’s minds. The bottom of the cover shows soggy and splashy ground from all the rain, with both Roy and Silo’s feet barely visible in the mud. Silo and Roy are both of the same size and stature denoting similar sex. Both are pencil drawings in blue with a creamish-colored egg visible beneath one of them. They are both standing in the rain holding hands, smack in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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