Police Racial Profiling Has Become a Growing Problem in the Fairfield County of Connecticut - Essay Example

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[Instructor Name] Police Racial Profiling Has Become A Growing Problem In The Fairfield County Of Connecticut. Police racial profiling is the term used when people belonging to different races, ethnic backgrounds, or color are not treated equally by others…
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Police Racial Profiling Has Become a Growing Problem in the Fairfield County of Connecticut
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"Police Racial Profiling Has Become a Growing Problem in the Fairfield County of Connecticut"

Download file to see previous pages Connecticut is a state in the US in which police racial profiling has drastically increased. In towns like Milford, Stratford, Fairfield, Westport and Greenwich racial profiling has increased to a dangerous extent. Despite the increasing issue of racial profiling, the nation is showing little concern over this issue. According to latest researches, it was found out that blacks and Latinos are 30 times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police without any serious reason and suspicion than the whites. And this figure has increased within the past year. The minorities in any area are usually the ones who suffer from racial profiling. It is generally believed that the minorities of a nation are the ones who are involved in causing riots, thefts, robbery and car snatching. In Fairfield county racial discrimination is extremely alarming. Most of the towns in Connecticut have a population consisting mostly of blacks and Latinos and, therefore, police racial profiling is very common in these areas. The whites and blacks still live apart from each other in these areas and do not prefer to make friends with each other (Holbert 2004). The government has made promises that they will eliminate police racial profiling in the US and make sure that all citizens of the country are secure and safe. But the government has failed to do so. Not white people are still now and then stopped and inquired without any reason. This has increased the feeling of hostility among the blacks and Latinos for the white people and, as a result, they try to make troubles for the white people in order to take revenge. Many riots that have occurred in the previous years were mostly because of racial profiling. The black people demand to have some self-respect and when the police stop and search them without a search warrant and any solid reason just because they are black, they feel exceedingly insulted and this increases the feeling of hatred for the white (Holbert 2004). As a safety precaution, the black people teach their children that they must take extra care while stopped by a police because if a black misbehaves with the latter, they can easily make it a serious issue and can even get you jailed on this petty offense. It is found that for the same offense a white will be exempted whereas a black can be severely punished for the same issue. So a black must be extra careful while confronting the police. Although statistics clearly show that these are not the blacks who are majorly involved in keeping illegal weapons and having drugs, but about 70% of drug users were found to be white as compared to only 15% black and 8% Latino. It is the duty of law enforcement agencies to protect people without any discrimination, but when the former practise racial profiling, people will not feel secure and safe. Following such practice, it is assumed that the whites are the people who abide by the law whereas blacks and Latinos are criminals, although this is not true. The white people know that they are free to do whatever they like because the police will never catch them for little issues. So it is now observed that the white people are greatly getting involved in street crimes day by day and carrying drugs and illegal weapons with them. To improve the relationships among people, the police and law enforcement agencies it is necessary for people to be satisfied with the performance of the police and only then people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Police Racial Profiling Has Become a Growing Problem in the Fairfield Essay)
Police Racial Profiling Has Become a Growing Problem in the Fairfield Essay. https://studentshare.org/english/1446216-police-racial-profiling-has-become-a-growing.
“Police Racial Profiling Has Become a Growing Problem in the Fairfield Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1446216-police-racial-profiling-has-become-a-growing.
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