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Hip Replacement Surgery - Research Paper Example

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Hip Replacement Surgery Name of the Student English Name of the Concerned Professor March 21, 2012 Hip replacement surgery Introduction Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure wherein, a damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial prosthetic joint in order to relieve the symptoms associated with the diseased joint such as pain and stiffness and to improve and restore the function and mobility of the concerned limb (Kennon, 2008)…
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Hip Replacement Surgery
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"Hip Replacement Surgery"

Download file to see previous pages However, pain refractory to pain medications and severe arthritis restricting the daily activities of life do require a hip replacement surgery (Kennon, 2008). Hip replacement may be total, with a ball and socket type of implant or partial, as in case of a hemiarthroplasty, depending upon the extent of damage present (Kennon, 2008). Once the decision is made, the patient is thoroughly examined locally as well as systemically, radiological and other investigations are obtained depending upon various patient related factors and if the surgeon deems fit, a preoperative physiotherapy program is initiated (Kennon, 2008). Total hip replacement is a major surgery. The cost of surgery depends upon the health care facility, the kind of implants used and the status of medical insurance of the patient (Kennon, 2008). Surgical as well as related expenses can add up to 20000 US Dollars or more (Kennon, 2008). Tendinitis Tendinitis is the inflammation of the tendon which is the part of the muscle that attaches to a joint. It is clinically evident as pain, tenderness, redness and swelling (Kennon, 2008). Tendinitis is caused due to trauma or overuse and misuse of that specific muscle or joint. As in the case of hip joint, ilio-psaos tendinitis can cause persistent chronic pain in the joint even after hip replacement surgery (Kennon, 2008). Treatment of tendinitis is aimed at reducing pain and inflammation by measures such as resting the affected site, ice packs, pain medication, steroids and ultimately surgery for tissues with extensive involvement (Kennon, 2008). What to expect after surgery In the immediate postoperative period, patient’s vital parameters are observed till effect of anesthetic wears off and patient is clinically stable (Kennon, 2008). Medications for pain and prevention of infection and blood clotting are continued (Kennon, 2008). Early ambulation and application of compression stockings is encouraged (Kennon, 2008). Gradually, physiotherapists work with the patient and help him resume walking and weight bearing on the operated hip with the aid of a walker for the first few days (Kennon, 2008). After that, specific joint exercises are taught at discharge along with certain modifications in posture, body movements and positioning of the joint (Kennon, 2008). Recovery after hip replacement is a continuous process incorporating regular checkups and visits to the physician and physiotherapist, occupational physiotherapy, exercises and care of the artificial joint (Kennon, 2008). Living with hip replacement  In most of the cases, hip replacement surgery successfully alleviates the symptoms and allows the patients to resume their daily activities. Mild to moderate level of stress can be applied to the prosthetic joint. However, high impact activities which are likely to cause dislocation and loosening of the prosthesis or cause fracture at the adjacent bone sites are not allowed (Kennon, 2008). It is of utmost importance that to maintain the function of the joint and to maximize the life of the implant, the instructions regarding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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