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Describe the relationship between media and reality - Essay Example

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According to the study conducted by Sanders (n.d), the everyday lives of the people in Western societies have been greatly influenced by mass media. One of the major effects of TV, movies, magazines, and internet is the persistent broadcast of societal beauty ideals (Sanders, n.d.)…
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Describe the relationship between media and reality
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"Describe the relationship between media and reality"

Download file to see previous pages The media can be considered a very influential representation to reality through the essential elements of selection, construction and representation. Each media form, whether electronic or print, process social constructs of an image of event, story, and this may differ to what the society experience in reality (, Representation). With the two competing theories on media, manipulation theory is more accurate. According to Noam Chamsky, there are 10 strategies of manipulation by the media, taking note on reality TV. The first is the strategy of distraction. According to Chomsky, “the key element of social control is the strategy of distraction that is to divert public attention from important issues and changes decided by political and economic elites, through the technique of flood or flooding continuous distractions and insignificant information. The strategy of distraction is also essential to keep the public interested in the essential knowledge in science, economics, psychology, neurobiology, and cybernetics.” The second strategy is to create problems after offering solution. Chomsky referred to this strategy as "problem-reaction-solution" which creates a problem, a "situation" due to cause some reaction in public, so that it is the principal measures that want to accept. Third strategy is gradation aims to make it accept an unacceptable extent, simply apply it gradually, a dropper, for consecutive years (Chomsky, n.d.). Fourth strategy is defer which Chomsky believes that another way to create an unpopular decision to accept is to present it as "painful and necessary" in obtaining public acceptance for the moment for a future application. It is easier to accept that a future sacrifice of an immediate sacrifice. Fifth strategy according to Chomsky is addressing public as children. This refers to the public as a younger child where characters, arguments and any discourse are performed in children’s intonation. The next strategy is to use the emotional aspect much more than a reflection. Chomsky put it in a way that “making use of emotional aspect is a classic technique to cause a short circuit on rational analysis, and finally to the critical sense of individuals.” Seventh strategy is to keep the public in ignorance and mediocrity. Next strategy is to stimulate the public to be complacent mediocrity (Chomsky, n.d.). Ninth strategy of manipulation of media is strengthening the revolt and lastly is the strategy of the best guys knows what they know if the same. This last strategy portrays that the system has more control and great power over individuals than the individuals themselves (Chomsky, n.d.). I love Lucy and Rosie movies were sit-coms which movies were made after the success of the shows. I love Lucy was able to portray a happy couple who lived in a modest apartment in New York. In this movie, the couple were in pursuit of success and wealth. This sitcom and movie was ranked very high in the country. Thus through the theory of manipulation, the audience can be manipulated to believe in the lifestyle portrayed by the couple in the sitcom and the movie. The husband Ricky, is a Cuban born bandleader in Tropicana, loves his wife very much. Despite the shortcomings of Lucy in her career in showbiz and different get-rich-quick schemes, Ricky was forgiving and stayed beside her all throughout. Rosie on the other hand, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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