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Recollection and reflection of recent hospitalization and medical treatment - Research Paper Example

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This paper is a recollection and reflection of the researcher recent hospitalization and medical treatment. This particular scenario was regarding his recent hip pain problem which he had checked and ended up becoming a right hip replacement. …
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Recollection and reflection of recent hospitalization and medical treatment
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"Recollection and reflection of recent hospitalization and medical treatment"

Download file to see previous pages Through this paper, the author of this article will discuss several facets of my pain, as well as discuss the medical treatments he attempted to get, and will note them down in such that he will be able to provide a description of the events that can be as detailed as possible. The researcher will also attempt to look back at his job history and try to look for a possible source or pattern for his hip pain. This paper will provide feedback and reactions will as much detail as the author can remember and will provide information that is objective when necessary and subjective if needed. This paper will break the topics down as such:
• A short history of hip replacement
• The author’s perception of the hip pain
• The first medical treatment the researcher attempted to seek
• The second medical treatment the researcher attempted to seek
• The author’s initial and subsequent reactions to the doctor's diagnosis
• The author’s stay at the hospital
• The researcher’s work history and how it may have affected his hip condition
• Conclusion and final thoughts
According to an article on, one of the first hip socket replacements was performed in 1923 by a man called “Marius Nygaard Smith-Peterson.” the socket cup was constructed with glass, and as the article indicates, although that particular implant failed over time, it “paved the way to construction of hip cups in similar fashion, only using different materials such as plastic and metal.”. The next noticeable advancement came with the surgery performed by Sir John Charnley.

After this, the advancement of hip replacement has evolved in such a way that patient’s needs can be met by custom-fitting the implants to be installed. My perception of the hip pain For the past few years of working with my current company ATT, I felt a pain in my right knee that slowly went from being a random annoyance, to such a pain as I preferred to not have any pressure on my right leg at all, even while standing. It felt like a sharp pain, similar to pressing down on a swollen muscle or joint, and at first it did not bother me much but the pain got worse and eventually became bad enough to affect my work and my day to day functions. I initially thought of the pain as just something that comes with age, or something similar to the parts of a car that may just wear out over time. I initially paid no mind to the pain, but eventually, it became hard to ignore it and I resorted to going for medical help. The first medical treatment I attempted to seek As previously said, the pain in my leg, more specifically my knee, evolved to a point where it became alarming and it affected my work and general functionality, and I decided to seek medical attention. I went to a doctor who was recognized by my medical plan, and described him what I was experiencing and how bad the pain was. I told him the history of the pain and how and when it occurred. He had some X-ray scans done on my knee area and after he had checked the X-rays and further examined me. He concluded that it was just a case of arthritis, and advised me to take some medicine whenever the pain returned. This seemed to work for a short while, but eventually, even the medicine did not help, and my knee still did not feel right. I still experienced the pain in my knee and it did not feel right at all. I ended up seeking more medical treatment, this time, from an orthopedic specialist. The second medical treatment I attempted to seek My first attempt at seeking medical attention worked only as a temporary solution. The medication that was prescribed only worked for about a month, and even then, my knee still did ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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