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Observe, Analyze and Report - Term Paper Example

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Name English 105 Date Paper 2: Observe, Analyze and Report Introduction The paper requires one to specifically observe some space or event and the interactions that take place there. Likewise, one is expected to analyze the observations made and detailed to discover how that space influences individuals’ ideas of who they are (their identity)…
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Observe, Analyze and Report
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"Observe, Analyze and Report"

Download file to see previous pages Do boys relatively show more risky behavior in shopping malls? Are girls more conservative and do they wander about the mall away from their parents? What kinds of activities do boys and girls do while their parents are shopping? One finally established the observation question as ‘Do differences in gender affect the way children behave in shopping malls?’ The Observation One made the initial observation on a Saturday afternoon at about 4:00 p.m. There were lots of people shopping in the grocery area and there was a small space where one could sit and view different people while observing. One noted that shopping was an activity done more by women than men. From one’s observation, the composition of women at that time was roughly 80% of the shoppers, as compared to men. Of the 80% women who were shopping, about 30% brought their children along. Children who came with their parents (or mothers, most especially) ranged from different ages: the youngest one saw was just about five to seven years of age and the eldest were teen-agers. Further, one likewise noted that women were most likely to bring along a companion, other than their children. Some women came with their husbands; while the others took their friends or relatives along. The relatives could possibly be a sister or even their mothers. The next thing one noted was the general attire of the people who shopped. Mostly, the shoppers were donning casual clothes, with ladies wearing shirts of light materials and paired with shorts, pants or skirts. For men, most were wearing T-shirts and light jackets paired with shorts or pants. Children wore more diverse clothes in texture, colors and materials. Most young girls were wearing dainty and colorful shirts paired with shorts or pants; while boys were generally in T-shirts and shorts. The footwear was more varied for little girls. Some wore sandals, rubber shoes in pastel colors, walking shoes and canvas. Boys shoes were predominantly trainers, canvas and rubber shoes. Observing the activities therefore eventually focused on one’s target group: the children. One observed that parents who shopped usually took with them one or two kids and one was particularly interested in noting any diversity with the way children behave in shopping malls, depending on gender. With both parents around, it could be noted that the children’s behavior were more controlled as they walked closely beside their parents. On the other hand, one detected that young boys were more curious and explorative that they tend to veer farther from their mothers. There were young boys aged between 8 to 10 years old who were running into people's trolleys and playing hide and seek. One particular boy likes to run into a different aisle or walk a different way and then meet his mother further up in front. The only problem with that is the tendency to miscalculate the direction and thereby, eventually end up somewhere else. There were instances when shopping clerks found young children lost and were announced in the shopping mall’s customer information center to be picked up by their parents. The difference between very young boys and girls being lost is that: boys shout out for either their mom or dad; while girls were found crying. Likewise, one noticed that young boys and girls were most fascinated by the floor patterns and tiles that they found these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Observe, Analyze and Report Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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