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Super Sad True Love Story - Essay Example

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A Contrast Essay Based on the Book ‘‘Super Sad True Love Story’’ The characters in the novel bring out a materialistic view which contradicts my normative view of life. In the book; super sad true love story (Shteyngart 10) Leonard records that the appearance of the Filipina woman reminded him of the Nettie Fine a woman he last saw during his high-school graduation…
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Super Sad True Love Story
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Download file to see previous pages Despite their poverty, Lenny’s parents could afford to laugh at the poor people and could pick up some lessons from the about what failure could mean in America. This view clearly demonstrates that the success of a person in this society is measured by their wealth. Shteyngart (17) brings out another instance to show how the characters in the novel are materialist. He notes that the sculptor planned to impress the un-impressible Eunice Park by bragging of the material things he owns. He tells her that Eunice to stay in his beach house in Pulgia. He further quotes that he is wanted to head a commission in Shanghai where he will get fifty million dollars. The characters in the novel belief that they are not going to die but will live forever when they have material wealth (Shteyngart, 312). In (73) Lenny explains that he had to pay an extra ten dollars each at F train stop to them into the business-class carriage. This shows that characters in the novel are placed in classes according to ones material wealth. These excerpts demonstrate that the characters in the novel are materialistic. The belief that a certain family can be worshipped because it is rich is flawed. Material wealth should not be a measure of the person’s status in the society but what the positive impact they make in the society should count. Material wealth has been used to look down upon other less fortunate people in the society but I do not concur with this belief. Moreover, due to materialistic view of the character one can use wealth to seduce someone who does not love him. I believe that material wealth should not be used as a measure of the person’s status and one should love freely without having to look at what their partner owns. The characters believe that money means everything. In contrast to my normative view, characters in the novel believe that it is fine to engage in sexual relationship with multiple partners. Lenny writes that it is a capital insult not to make love to a naked woman, even when she is related (Shteyngart, 216). This is a clear indication of the way the characters in the novel are obsessed with sex. Moreover, Shteyngart (13) writes that during the last night in Roman, Lenny spent the night with Fabrizia; another woman he had relations with. Lenny believes that Fabrizia likes him because of his because of the way he speaks and since she has not been to bed with a local man. This clearly shows that their sexual relation is not based on love (Shteyngart, 14). In addition, Lenny explains that during a party, Fabrizia and a British filmmaker took time to kiss him in turns. Fabrizia exposes to Lenny her pants and Mediterranean pubic hair (Shteyngart, 17).Lenny (17) confides that he had made love to Fabrizia. Shteyngart (18) writes that during the burial of the sculptor, Lenny was eying Eunice Park and wanted to reach out to her and touch her nipples. In the novel we learn that the American sculptor had during the last party managed to have sex with a cousin of Fabrizia who was only nineteen years as noted by (Shteyngart, 17). . Lenny explains had this happened in Roman; this would have become breaking news. Shteyngart (216) writes that Tomas had sex with many attractive ladies from Czech and after sometimes, Tomas’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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