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Is It Possible to Have a Prejudice Free Society - Essay Example

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Name 17 January 2012 Assignment If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and colour, we would find some other causes for prejudice by noon. George Aiken Prejudice simply refers to unfairness or intolerance towards other people; it refers to a judgment that people form on the basis of little or no assumption regarding their feelings towards a particular thing or person…
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Is It Possible to Have a Prejudice Free Society
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"Is It Possible to Have a Prejudice Free Society"

Download file to see previous pages It is human behaviour to simply distrust or dislike someone and such simple latent feelings often convert into sharp hatred, making people form strong assumptions and theories about why they are prejudiced against others. Such hatred often even causes people to cause others injury and thus is only a matter of attitude within a person’s conscience. The fact of the matter remains - whether or not the society we live in can be free of prejudice at some point. When children are born, their minds are free of all kinds of thought; they usually soak in all the positivity from the environment around them as they are sheltered under the wings of their family members. However, with time, as they begin interacting with different parts of the society, they are taught ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ according to their family members. This causes a change in their attitudes and thus makes them take certain choices which may portray the growing level of prejudice that they feel for other people. Many people have been raised in a way so as to hate other groups of people; for example the shudra caste in olden India was said to be a group of untouchable people whom no one would interact with or even touch for fear of being heralded with sins. However, as the freedom movement gained momentum, leaders like B.R Ambedkar began educating society about how these people were also children of God and deserved a free right to life among other people. They could not be shunned without any reason, without having committed a serious crime or being a grave danger to the other people. In Europe and America, most white skinned people were prejudiced against people belonging to different races; black or brown skinned people were frowned down upon and given the status of slaves. They were supposed to serve their white masters and were stripped off various rights including using the same transport, eating at the same places as well as visiting the same places of worship. Cases of Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King have helped to define the border line for letting people give in to apartheid and accept such discrimination and prejudice caused against people belonging to different races. Today, there are a number of reforms and laws laid down that have helped to abolish such practices all over the world. With time, more and more people have been educated about living together with differences and learning to accept another person’s thoughts, opinions and perspectives on living life. The world we live in has helped us expose each other to a plethora of new cultures and this gives people the hope that it is possible to live in a world free of prejudice at some point. This is because with time, gradually people are coming to an understanding and learning that every person is after all trying to live his own life and make a living for himself and his family. Every man is trying his best to provide for food, shelter and clothing. The basic necessities of life are what is important for people to survive, not prejudice. Today, many people around the world have a problem with those practicing the religion of Islam because they feel that after the 9/11 attacks, all Muslims have a single goal of terrorism; however, with time, more and more people are coming to the realization that even Islam is a beautiful faith to follow and that the people following it are not doing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The conclusion from this review states that people are forced to perceive or do things the way the society demands but not the way they feel. If at all the society could be free then there could be no trouble doing things that were done at the beginning of civilization or conforming to things that they feel is not right or had been set by others.

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