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Argument Synthesis - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Task Date The North America consumerism is a contentious issue given that different parties perceive it as either harmful or valuable. However, my position in regards to this topic is that the North America consumerism is fundamentally valuable…
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Argument Synthesis Essay
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"Argument Synthesis"

Download file to see previous pages First, the commercialized culture of the United States is beyond reasonable doubt that it has created a vast network of trade. For instance, the focus on the Christmas season is such an influential commercialism that has a tremendous impact on corporate growth. During the Christmas, the public display is extensively covered all forms of commercial advertising. The emergence of commercialize culture is a substantial aspect of the North America consumerism attributed to the response of the corporate stakeholders ideally to achieve a fair consumer environment. The anti-tax welfare movement had an intrinsic impact in assisting the local government as well as states education institutions to enter the commercial adverting arena. In addition, the lifestyle of material attainment hastened the corporate growth in regard to institutions seeking sponsors both governmental and private organizations in the pursuit of material acquisition. For instance, churches benefited sponsorship by Federal Express to acquire materials such as transport facilities among others (Katherine Anne Ackley 344). Quintessentially, the strategic target of kid in childhood institutions encountered a relatively poor attention by the commercialization phenomena. This position taken into concern in this case was the idea that child are innocent hence need to shield them from the sacrilegious advertising. However, the trend has reversed as modern TV advertising in the United States subjects average children to approximately 40,000 advertisements. The commercialized culture is dynamic from generation to generation to accommodate change. In this perspective, the modern generation of the millennial is outspoken. Therefore, the need for recognition of several brands targeting the group is the modern way to reach the consumer in every experience they indulge in to buy or browse sales. As a result, the fashion market is subject to change due to generations influence. Anna Quindlen claims that life does not necessarily have to entail material wealth to be fulfilling. However, the day-to-day struggles of life are made for the sole reason of attaining material wealth. Although it seems contrary, life is about meeting our needs. Some are basic needs while others are luxuries. Overall, the main goal of life is to meet our daily needs irrespective of whether they are basic or luxurious ( Additionally, the exchange of goods and service is what leads to economic growth that promotes the general well being of the human race. At the individual level, each person defines what he or she consider as mandatory to have, as well as what to reserve as luxurious. However, this is not limited to a certain definition since it is dependent on an individual (Katherine Anne Ackley 374). Regarding the American popular culture, the choice of what a consumer perceives worth prioritizing is influenced by the consumer behavior that dictates wealth of good is beyond plain shopping. Culture diversity is among the robust factors that drive North American consumerism. Life presents a variety of choices hence the American people face a difficult time making choices. The online transaction is an excellent example of how consumers mange to avoid socializing especially with the reliable choice of eBay ( In the synthesis of North America consumerism, the labor industry is significantly influential on the economy. To be precise, they are prevalence in job recruit that favors single childless, young men and women to young ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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