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Imitation of Film: Here's Smoking at You, Kid - Essay Example

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ORGANIZATION: Imitation of Film: Here's Smoking at You, Kid by Nicholas Bakalar In the recent years many liberal societies invoked the categorization of abusive, violent, sexual and drug scenes as inappropriate for kids. The case of smoking is no different…
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Imitation of Film: Heres Smoking at You, Kid
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"Imitation of Film: Here's Smoking at You, Kid"

Download file to see previous pages This is increasing the inclination of smoking in children which can lead to some dreadful consequences. The age of 10-14 is a very tender age in which children look up to their favorite actors or heroes. They want to stylize, talk and walk like them and most of the time imitate their actions and dialogues. When they watch their admired actors smoking or lightening cigarettes their young minds get influenced by it and start to simulate such gesture. Since children have a greater exposure and have access to R-rated movies also, thus it is more likely that they end up in the activities they have seen their favorite actors in. Smoking unfortunately, even today is perceived as something in style and children adopt this habit so they might look cool amongst their group of friends. This trend is often picked up in movies with actors playing their role and smoke. The proclivity of smoking amid young adolescents is majorly because of the above described reason. It has been seen that children who watch movies, especially those that are R-Rated are at more prone to smoking. This has led to an increase in young smokers. As described in the article, thirty eight percent of children first started to smoke being inspired by films. Movies like Godfather, Breakfast at tiffany’s or even Remember me, which is supposed to be for the younger lot, actors are seen smoking (Bakalar, 1995). In 2002, 74% of all American films had smoking scenes which also included the youth-rated movies. However, there are certain movies about historical characters that have been shown smoking e.g. Churchill and Mao (Smoke Screen, 2010). The followers of these influential personalities try to follow in their footsteps and would want to implement all their habits, good or bad, on themselves. It has been observed that young kids impressed by their heroes or by the protagonists of a certain movie end up smoking without their parent’s knowledge, as their young minds are at more stake of getting attracted to such stuff. Tobacco companies spend a major share of their money in advertising and promoting their labels. For this purpose they either hire actors who endorse their brands or they sponsor in movies, in which smoking or a pack of cigarettes is highlighted. Smoking is characteristically used to portray relaxation from stress, thinking the way out of thing and of course glamour. Movies like Superman 2 showed such a pack, even in Batman a character was shown smoking. There are certain actors that have been associated with it and are seen carrying a cigarette even off screen such as Humphery Bogart, Jonny Depp or even Lindsay Lohan. This brings about a positive attitude towards smoking in the younger lot. Many brilliant and athletic children have been wasted away by indulging in smoking. Such activities not only are a risk to child’s health but also are a threat to his bright future. According to a fact annually a total of 180,000 young teens smoke because of the way it is shown on the big screen, out of these 60,000 would eventually die at a very young age. Movies are a very powerful tool to pass a certain message to people. They have a prevailing influence on youngsters so much so that it can negate the positive efforts of parents on smoking. Through various researches it has been proved that the young minds are more fascinated to smoking as they have seen in their favorite movies or actors. Although the censor board and the government, try to improve the situation by passing bills ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Imitation of Film: Here'S Smoking at You, Kid Essay)
Imitation of Film: Here'S Smoking at You, Kid Essay. https://studentshare.org/english/1439679-imitation-of-film-here-s-smoking-at-you-kid.
“Imitation of Film: Here'S Smoking at You, Kid Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1439679-imitation-of-film-here-s-smoking-at-you-kid.
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