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Self-Respect - Essay Example

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There are virtues and values that lift people. Humans are thinking animals, they reason and observe. The present and probably even the future are based on past experiences. It is only common observation that successful people do not hold any regrets in their lives…
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Download file to see previous pages They are always living in the moment, then and there and not dwelling on the past. No matter what they have gone through or what kind of mistakes they had committed in their pasts becomes a part of their history, the only thing they pick out is a lesson, not to repeat that mistake. However many people hold on to their mistakes and regrets and all of this acidic matter that brews in their heads becomes an anchor which keeps them from moving forward and thinking freely. Every success in life boosts self-respect and every failure destroys it, but it is those people who get rid of the failure move ahead and seize victory. While those who keep thinking about their failures, both real and imaginary, keep living in regrets and fears. They even have a hard time in saying no to people. That is why they become somewhat nonsocial and reserved. They would not even pick up phone sometime or answer a letter because they cannot refuse someone asking them to do something. People become infected with the disease known as ‘alienation from self’ (Didion, 2008). Self-respect is the fuel or the energy source of a successful life. Breathing and eating are not the only factors indicative of ‘living’. Self-respect is the essence that tells people to safe guard themselves from danger. It is a mechanism that tells people to take good care of themselves and protect their interests, otherwise they will be left with nothing. Self-respect is something that makes people’s lives comfortable. Because of it, people not only keep looking for long term intangible benefits all their lives, instead they weigh immediate comforts and take the opportunity to live a life at ease. As people grow older, they become more aware of self-respect, which is why the elders of a family have the greatest self-respect. They live by rules instilled in them that make them put fears and doubts on one side and think critically about any real life scenario (Didion, 2008). Another way to look at self-respect is to rise against all odds and reclaim one’s place. No matter what someone’s been through, no matter where or when a person is born, which ethnicity he or she belongs to, it is self-respect that gives a person the spirit and passion to rise above all calamities. No matter what color is his skin, it shouldn’t and mustn’t make him feel less than any of the ‘other’ colored peoples. There should never be a dark deep hidden sorrow in the heart or in the eyes. People must never ever hold nature responsible for how they look. Color doesn’t and shouldn’t be a hurdle in someone’s life. People should learn how to convert their weaknesses into their strengths. Something that feels like a burden can actually become a support to climb higher. For instance, if someone feels lonely and left out, that person needs to make new friends. This might come as a challenge but that is where self-respect can serve as the drive force and push the person to rise above the weakness. Zora Hurston was an African-American author and in her short narration, she confessed that she felt racially discriminated but that never hurt her. She used to wonder at people who avoided her, how could they deny themselves of such a great company. That is an excellent example of an attitude filled with self-respect. Great people who respect themselves always take pride in who they are and what they do. They always look at their positives and never feel backed down by the difficulties. Zora wrote in her narration that it is the contents of the wrappings that count and not the wrapping itself. God has put wonderful things inside the wrappings known as human beings. People need to look at the content, that is probably the most effective way of earning self-respect. Self-respect plays a major role in all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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