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Bobby and the Role of Women in Burning Chrome by William Gibson - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Bobby and the role of women in Burning Chrome by William Gibson The Burning Chrome is a collection of short films that were written by William Gibson. The Burning Chrome is a collection of his works up to the time that he published his second novel titled Count Zero…
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Bobby and the Role of Women in Burning Chrome by William Gibson
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Bobby and the Role of Women in Burning Chrome by William Gibson

Download file to see previous pages... The Burning Chrome by Gibson has featured women in the entire piece. Bobby, a character in the Burning Chrome uses women according to his desires and plans. He has been described as having a new woman every few days. Bobby uses women in a specific manner. Bobby uses women for his personal gain. He uses them as assets when he realizes that they offer certain opportunities for his own growth. As stated in the work, “…Bobby read his future in women; his girls were omens, changes in the weather, and he'd sit all night in the Gentleman Loser waiting for the season to lay a new face down in front of him like a card…” (Gibson 189). Bobby was on between the two hackers who act as the main characters in the story. Bobby Quine is an expert dealing with software issues while Automatic Jack deals with hardware issues. Also important in the story is Rikki who is a girl that Bobby has become infatuated with and wants to use her to get what he wants. Gibson establishes a distinctive insignia by writing about the matrix simulator and techno-centaur disguising Jack Automatic. He also writes about Rikki Wildside and her Zeiss Ikon eyes, boutique and Simstim deck. Gibson does not leave out an aspect of world war III, an event he puts as a past event but featuring a puppet house where women worked as prostitutes for three-hour shifts (Gibson 190). Bobby Quine and Jack Automatic exhibit emotion and vestigial morality as they hack into Chromes computer system. They steal from the child-faced witch who has cold gray eyes and destroy her power base to an extent that she cannot use the power anymore (Cavallaro 90). They also destroy her by completely by sapping off her ability to defend herself against her enemies. Bobby is a schemer and a strategist. Bobby together with jack use their computer literacy prowess to exploit women and take advantage of their powers and strengths. Bobby and Jack use Rikki Wildside because they have realized an opportunity of exploitation in her. Rikki is a prostitute who offers her services at the puppet house to get money so that she could buy a fashionable pair of new eyes. She also intends to make enough money so that she can fly to Hollywood and become a Simstim star. Jack bought a virus-program from Russia from Finn, who also bought it from someone. It is from this scenario that we learn that the person killed the original thief who had stolen the program from the owner. Bobby hacks into Chrome's computer system using that program (Cavallaro 92). He then makes use of the communication web to interfere and change the flow the communication web. Meanwhile jack encourages Bobby to hack into Chrome’s computer. As stated in the story, “…but Bobby was already there, leaning forward to drive the Russian program into its slot with the heel of his hand. He did it with the tight grace of a kid slamming change into an arcade game, sure of winning and ready to pull down a string of free games. A silver tide of phosphenes boiled across my field of vision as the matrix began to unfold in my head, a 3-D chessboard, infinite and perfectly transparent. The Russian program seemed to lurch as we entered the grid…” (Gibson 195) Jack helps Bobby in his schemes taking advantage of the trust and love of women to him, for his gain. Jack betrays his friend Bobby by having an affair with Rikki who is in a love relationship with Bobby. Rikki also betrays her Bobby and Jack by working as a prostitute and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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