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Missions and Goals of Various Characters - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Missions and Goals of Various Characters Name Instructor Task Date What Characters really wanted All American poems, written Mathew Dickson is a story highlighting the growth of youth in the society. The issue of youth shifting into adulthood is a major topic that is debated globally…
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Missions and Goals of Various Characters
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Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, he manages to do this, because the topic he chose to discuss on vitally affects a great percentage of people. Dickson also discusses the American culture, for example a quote from his writings “Marilyn Monroe took all her sleeping pills to bed when she was thirty-six, and Marlon Brando’s daughter hung in the Tahitian bedroom of her mother’s house, while Stanley Adams shot himself in the head”. In my view, authors who write about social life get a lot of credit. A writer’s work is exceptionally appreciated when he/she assists the society through highlighting challenges in society. Abdulrahman Zeitoun is a character in Dave Egger’s novel. He is an Islamic believer who values and follows the religion keenly. He owned a Painting Company that was located in America. Despite his different origin, a Syrian-American, he is kind enough to assist the underprivileged people in society. Zeitoun brings out the concept of being appreciative to life we are living. He highlights the following virtues; tolerance, love and peace, these virtues are significant in society we are living. In my opinion, such works of literature should be awarded and appreciated aptly. Zeitoun faces many challenges and is dishonored by the national gourds, for a crime he did not commit though he continues with his charitable heart. If it were you, what action would you have taken? Joseph Campbell is the author of Monomyth in which he describes the trail of a hero in three stages. He describes the separation of the hero from the a community. ‘Folly of the flight from the god’ shows the foolishness of the society that believing on the god’s power. The character in the narrative sought to show a significant message to the society. People should be grateful for what they have, and be satisfied with it. The hero was sent away from the community because of misunderstanding that existed among the populace. After being sent off from the village, the life of the hero changes drastically, since the environment was different from what he used to. The type of food that he ate and the place he slept were different. He met diverse people, hence, socializing with them became exceptionally difficult Kathy was a wife to Zeitoun in the Dave Egger’s novel and was fond of poking his husband for being stubborn for his unwillingness of to worship anything a part from what he believed in. The character main aim was to show that a person should be flexible in what he things and believes in. This is proved as she tried to change his husband who was stiff in ways of reasoning and making decisions. Kathy is a character who believes in diversity and wishes that all human kind should try do adapt to any situation depending on the ground. I think that, her way of reasoning is perfect since people go through different kinds of challenges and should the strategy to solve the mysteries. She plays most part in her husband life through controlling how and what to think. The aspect ‘Refusal of the Call’ that is depicted from the events that occur in the lives of the Kathy and Zeitoun show how people cooperate in mankind essential decision that affect their lives either positively or negatively. David Foster Wallace is the writer of the book This is water in which he combines animal and human beings characters. His main point he wants o pass across to the society is to have etiquette. The virtue is necessary for individuals who wish to be respected in the society. David shows clearly the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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