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Name of author: James Cameron Introduction James Cameron is one of the most famous Hollywood film directors at present. He was born in Ontario, Canada in 1954. He has contributed heavily to Hollywood as a director, producer, screenwriter, editor etc. Cameron’s films like Titanic and Avatar were some of the all-time greatest films in the history of Hollywood…
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Essay: James Cameron
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": James Cameron"

Download file to see previous pages While the major theme of titanic was a real incident, the theme of Avatar was a scientific fiction which is going to happen in the twenty second century. While the film Titanic tells us a romantic story connected with a real incident, Avatar gave more emphasize to imagination. Both the films undoubtedly proved the abilities of James Cameron as a director. Plot summaries The film Titanic developed around a fictional love story between two young passengers of the ship Titanic. As in the case of many other love stories, the lovers in this film were from different social backgrounds; one was rich and the other was poor. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet played the lead roles in this film. “The film opens in modern times and shows an expedition team diving where the Titanic sunk, taking along with it the famous 56-Carat blue diamond” (Titanic). After seeing the live telecast of this exploration, a 101 year old woman (Rose or Kate Winslet) came forward to claim the ownership of that diamond. She then began to tell the actual story of the titanic and the film was developed based on that. The theme of film avatar is a mining mission conducted by humans on Pandora which is the satellite of Alpha Centauri star system. Humanoids or some creatures with similarities with human were the inhabitants in Pandora. The mining mission caused several problems to the humanoids and the war between humans and humanoids broken out. “The climax of the plot is the traditional epic battle of good versus evil” (Avatar: Summary and Analysis) or battle between humans and humanoids. Issue one – Disaster In both the movies, at least one of the major characters faces a disaster at the end. None of the characters who faced disaster at the end deserved such a cruel destiny. In Titanic Billy Zane accuses Jack of stealing whereas in Avatar Jake and Dr. Grace were tied on a wooden cross by the humanoids. It should be noted all these characters suffered a sad end to their lives. James Cameron seems to be an expert in exploiting the sentiments of the viewers. He knows very well how to mix tragedy with romance and adventure and to exploit the soft corners of the viewers. Issue two- mesmerizing dialogues Both Titanic and Avatar are famous for the touching dialogues. The dialogues such as “I’m the king of the world” and “I’ll never let go”, “Do you trust me?”, “I trust you.” etc are catching the attention of the viewers one way or other. “In Avatar, Neytiri tells Jake “I see you” and explains that it means to see someone completely, beyond the skin. The two repeat this line many times throughout the film. Both of these lines basically mean “I love you””(Liam). In short both the films are famous for touching dialogues. The power of dialogues in providing success to a film is immense and James Cameron knows this better than anybody else. Issue three – love Love is a major theme both in Titanic and Avatar even though Titanic is a historic film and Avatar is an adventurous science fiction film. “In Titanic, Jack and Rose’s love takes them throughout the entire ship, showing audiences the beauty of the vessel that sank and the growing bond between them. In Avatar, Jake and Neytiri immerse us deep in the jungles of Pandora”(Liam). In other words, the depth of the love was portrayed at the backdrops of an ocean and jungles in these films. James Cameron tried to portray love in different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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