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Cultural relativism - Research Paper Example

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Cultural Relativism Author 01 / 11 / 2011 November 1, 2011 CULTURAL RELATIVISM Cultural Relativism is “the idea that the cultural traits are best understood when viewed within the cultural context of which they are a part” (Ferraro et al 2010). It deals with the “nature of morality” (Satyanarayana 2010) implying that every belief, custom, practice, tradition, moral and ethics is relative to the cultural context they are observed and followed in…
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Cultural relativism
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"Cultural relativism"

Download file to see previous pages The customs, for example practiced by many cultures and religions such as infanticide, human sacrifice or self-mutation are considered right in those particular cultures and religions, while at the same time they are abhorred in other societies. In cultural relativism there is considered no concept of universal truths. The relativists claim that since every culture has its own distinct and diverse moral and ethical codes therefore there cannot be any universal standards to judge anything other than to consider it in the context of that particular culture. As in the case of abortion, which is highly abhorred and considered illegal in many countries, is considered completely legal and an act of birth control in Japan and many such countries. The idea of cultural relativism advocates the idea that everything is valid and right in its cultural context. This means that there is nothing truly right and wrong or moral and amoral, rather there is only different cultural aspects which may or may not validate an act or practice. The anthropologists, who contradict the idea of cultural relativism, consider the ethical subjectivism more appropriate in term of morality of actions. Ethical subjectivism implies that whatever an individual does or feels is right as far as he considers it right. This means that one thing that is morally justified for one person may not be so for another person. In other words the concept of right and wrong on a culture basis shrinks to an individual basis. For example extra marital relations or open marriage may be considered right for some while it will not be a justified act for others (Rae, 2009). There is another term of situational ethics generally applied by anthropologists which implies that morality is situation based. This term is introduced by Joseph Fletcher, advocating that all morality is relevant to the particular situation in which an individual finds himself. The most cited example of situational ethics is that of a woman imprisoned in Nazi camp. She asked a guard to make her pregnant so that she could be released and meet her family (Rae, 2009). All these terms of cultural relativism, ethical subjectivism or situational ethics are valid in their own context, yet they can’t all be correct. If we truly follow ethical subjectivism, it would mean that there is no concept of society or culture but individual choices. This would only alienate individuals from one another. If everything has to be justified according to individual choices and preferences than no one will think of the consequences of their actions, rather there will only prevail selfishness and biased natures. To accept the individuality and diversity of different cultures and to give space and freedom of practice is essential, but to accept all the aspects of a particular religion or culture whether they are right or wrong is definitely not essential. Respecting cultures does not mean we respect their inhumane practices as well. Every culture teaches the basic doctrines of humanity and justice and they should be appreciated for whatever is good and humane in them. Yet there can’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Relativism and Morality
That means the validity of these things depends on the culture and context they originate. In sharp contrast to this view that the intelligentsia cherished for quite some time, Goodman (2010) claims that there are some basic ‘wrongs’ which are universally accepted as wrongs and are not bound by regional or cultural contexts.
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Morality is Not Relative
Morality outlines that which the society has generally accepted and consequently perceives it to be right. Definition of morality varies across social groups, and what is perceived to be right in one society may be wrong to another. In other words, the morals of one society may constitute immorality to another.
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This article affirm how tough it is to interact with people of different beliefs and how its personal interpretation can differ between people. In the introductory, the author highlights his reason to visit Kalahari as to research hunting along with the economy of the Kung Bushmen.
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Climate Change, Coming Home: Global Warming's Effects on Population
One of the cited causes of the climate change being witnessed in many parts of the globe today is associated with carbon emissions released to the atmosphere causing global warming. The effects of global warming have seen perennial drought being experienced in most parts of the world.
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Ethical relativism

The author states that ethical relativism is a viewpoint where there is the belief that morality is dependent on the norms of a culture that practice it; this society determines whether the actions of individuals in morally right or wrong. Those who propagate this theory believe that nothing can be said to be the absolute truth concerning morality.

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Human Rights
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They attempt to place emphasis on morality through analyzing the secular and rational mindset as perceived by human welling or happiness. Philosophical approach is not authoritarian, irrational or arbitrary (William 23). The religious and legal laws are subjective.
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Cultural Relativism
It is in the idea that each culture should be understood and interpreted and judge within the social behavior and norms itself. This method is what they call as cultural relativism, wherein a relativist believes and holds to the idealogy that practices and beliefs are relative and dependent to every culture.
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