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Science Ficton: The Lottery, Harrison Bergeron, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Trilogy review ‘The lottery,’ is a story about a traditional village which has endured time and strived to maintain their traditions. Throughout the story, a form of order received adherence by members of the village. They all kept strict adherence to the day of the lottery where everyone had to be present…
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Science Ficton: The Lottery, Harrison Bergeron, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas
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Science Ficton: The Lottery, Harrison Bergeron, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

Download file to see previous pages... This story brings to life an orderly lifestyle that ran within the society members. All people had a role to play including the children. Young boys collected stones and guarded them in a corner. The society recognized demarcations in terms of households and families. Leadership gained recognition at all levels. The man became recognized as the head of the family while the woman comes third if there is a boy in the family who has reached sixteen years. During picking of the paper slips, a sense of harmony ensured. This is an expression of sound governance. At the same time, only one paper per person could be taken. This is a show of a social order keen on giving everyone an equal chance at the decision making level. There is a form of representation in the society with a woman taking the place of a man in extreme cases (Jackson 24). The use of papers instead of wood chips is an indication of the degradation of the traditional values that used to hold the society together. It also indicates civilization. The presence of a post office and a bank in the village reinforces the aspect of civilization. The people, therefore, regardless of the enlightening refuse to shed the negative traditions deliberately. The society is gullible. The people inflict pain on innocent persons who certainly do not deserve it. This amounts to being in human. There is, however, nobody to initiate the change, or if any, no one shows any initiative to stand against the traditional vice. The mention of other villages that have shed the tradition is a show of revolution against vices. The story, ‘The Ones who walk away from Omelas,' expresses a society in early civilization still entrapped in tradition. The people kept a summer celebration characterized by dancing, racing and eating. The setting is old as expressed by the presence of moss covered gardens. The most handsome building was uglier than the farmers market of latter day. From the story, it can be seen that the festival received a lot of seriousness from people of all ages (Gilbert 42). The story brings to light some vices in secluded societies, which people believe keeps them well. This is brought about by the act of locking away a child in a cellar as a function of good omen to the society at large. This tradition has been passed from other generations, and the people continue to maintain it. The people lacked a conscience. They were unable to hold guilty feelings and rejoiced at pain. This is expressed by the fact that, they still locked a child in the cellar of a building, whom they were not supposed to utter kind words to or even look in the eye. The boys and girls in the race rode on bare backs of the horses. Without the saddle, falling off is imminent. They rejoiced when others suffered (Gilbert 33). The society thrives on escapism of the real life. The faint ones thrived on the ‘drooz’, to keep them away from the painful reality while others, through many years in the tradition, had made it part of their conscience to be guiltless. These people could inflict untold pain. “Harrison Bergeron”, is a story set in the future. To promote harmony in society, the constitution underwent review. The clauses on equality, in particular, underwent revision to make everyone equal to the other. All efforts drive towards the equality such that the government has put a force into place to handicap those who appear to have an independent mind as to overcome others. There is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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