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The Self and Nature - Essay Example

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Self and Nature Tutor: October 19, 2011 Introduction The world has been gradually changing due to various human activities. Various living organisms have been put on threat of extinction due to lack of application of proper and effective measures on conservation of nature…
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The Self and Nature
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"The Self and Nature"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, it has led to the destruction of nature which has severe impacts on the persons. A good example is the case of global warming. In the previous years, people had not exploited nature and thus such problems were not in existence. Due to the increased population and the greed of persons, more and more harm on nature has been conducted. Despite this, there are various persons who have great interest in the conservation of nature. This has been facilitated by various communities to their capacity. Thus persons should take community into consideration while undertaking their duties. Currently, Wildlife has been replaced by persons who deforest land and use it for irrigation and thus use chemicals which have negative effects on animals and air. There are various nature resources that have become extinct due to the exploitation. It is evident that recovering destroyed nature back to its original features after destruction is mostly impossible and if possible, takes a lot of time and resources. This is evident in the various efforts employed by the Chinese government in trying to provide water to its large population. Despite it constructing some of the world’s largest dams and canal, it has been of great cost which would not have been incurred if nature was put in front of self-interest. As a result it is very necessary to ensure that it is well conserved because it will be of help not only to the current generation but for generations to come. The community plays a significant role in addressing various issues such as nature and self. This is mainly because many members of a community share common interests and thus could have influence on its members with differing opinions. As a result, they play a significant role in educating people about self and nature (Orr 134). Proper understanding of nature is very essential in ensuring that members of a community make proper judgment in regard to nature. For example, there are various organisms that survive in extreme conditions. Any alterations in environment render their existence hard. Due to increased world population, nature has been left at risk from exploitation. As a result, various institutions have devised methods to try and control reproduction rate. In most cases, people are only considerate about short term benefits reaped from an activity contrally to the interests of communities which are mostly long term. This has posed even threat to some of the most valuable natural resources such as water and food. Thus proper understanding of self and nature is necessary for people to know whatever fits them most. Currently most persons from developing countries are self-centered with nature coming as a last consideration in their undertaking. It is evident that such people have been moving to the west and as such could have an impact on them. Most of these natural resources exploited are limited in their supply. As a result, massive extraction could only be beneficial to persons only for a short period of time but have adverse effects in the long run (Ridley 157). Despite the challenges faced by nature, it is not completely exploited. As a result, combined efforts by communities, governments, private sectors and science and technology will be of great help in its conservation. Currently, various non-governmental organizations have been in the forefront of ensuring that no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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