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Tragedy of the Commons - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay analyzes and then describes the environment catastrophe, that is an example of tragedy of commons due to unrestrained exploitation of resources by a few elite causing global warming that has put all and everybody at the risk. …
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Tragedy of the Commons
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"Tragedy of the Commons"

Download file to see previous pages (Emission Facts 2011) Environment Impact–a Tragedy of Commons Global warming is one of such effect that has caused due to uninterrupted and prolific consumption of fossil fuel by developed countries for last several decades. The effects of which is now being faced by low lying countries due to rising sea levels and getting large part of their land area submerged in sea. John Vidal (2009) reports, “Migration is the only escape from rising tides of climate change in Bangladesh”. He reports the situation has changed in the last 20 years. The people of Bangladesh have lost their farmland and many of them have lost their homes. There is no fish in the river and drinking water has become salty. A few years from now many villages will submerge in the sea water. On the other side of Bay of Bengal in India the sea level is rising fast and more than 70,000 people at the Indian coast will required to be evacuated in next 5 years. These people are suffering the tragedy of global warming for which they are not at all responsible as their economic conditions have always been at margin and they have never been a part of any industrial revolution in true sense to get any benefit. (Vidal, 2009) In another dispatch from Jowit (2010) in Guardian speaks about the environmental damage caused by the world's largest 3000 companies the cost of which is equivalent to the one-third of their profits when the damage done by them is computed into financial terms. The issue is that none of these companies is made to pay for the loss on environment that has created the loss of freshwater, fisheries, and the huge pollution that they have created. Trucost, a London based firm has estimated that the combined damage is worth more than...
The researcher states that Hardin was right, when he said that the issues that fall under ‘Tragedy of Commons’ have no easy solutions to them today. In fact, it asks for change in human behavior and attitudes. In the case of climate change solutions lie at two fronts, that are technical and behavioral. Technical solution lies in using the energy that do not produce the green house gases, such as wind and solar energy, using the energy in an efficient manner, capturing and storing the carbon dioxide gas. The researcher states that the biggest issue is the green house gases, that is usually generated by these companies that have caused the climate change in all parts of the world. The social impact it has caused due to migration of people from their homeland to other parts within and outside their country. People use large cars that consume high amount of gas creating more green house gases because they think they can afford it but when more people behave in this fashion the environment impact to the society is large, just like the single herdsman thinking who adds one more cattle to the field to get the benefit passing the loss to other herdsman. It is obvious today, that the benefit goes to the large companies at the cost of others. Hardin has employed the word coercion to direct the individual behavior to attain any societal or environmental goals. In conclusion, the researcher mentiones that in the case of environment too, Hardin’s approach of coercion is a need of time and should be employed rigorously. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Tragedy of the Commons
...?Beyond the Tragedy of the Commons Garret Hardin’s 1968 opus, “The Tragedy of the Commons,” is an often-cited work. A quick look in the internet literature on the subject suggests that a great deal of theorizing and literature emerged from Hardin’s write-up. Science, the journal that published the work of Hardin, described Hardin as a biologist but Hardin’s work also appears popular among anthropologists, economists, sociologists, environmentalists, and development professionals. In his analysis, Hardin developed an argument based on a hypothetical situation. He said, “picture a pasture open to all” and argued that when a pasture is open to all, each herdsman will keep as many cattle possible on the commons (Hardin, 1968, p. 1243... ). In...
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...Topic:  Tragedy of the Commons related to Science & Environmental issue The tragedy of the commons related to Science & environmental issue can be correlated with sustainability and ecological concepts. The tragedy of the commons was introduced by ecologist Garrett Hardin and was published in a journal called “Science” in 1968. According to (Rosenberg) “In a 1968 article published in the journal Science, ecologist Garrett Hardin described how individuals, acting rationally by looking out for their own best interests, can deplete resources and ruin things for society as a whole”. The tragedy of the...
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... Tragedy of Commons One of the significant environmental issues today is the environmentalpollution. Every day many harmful chemicals and dangerous fumes become part of our ecosystem and pollute water and air that may generate hazardous effects on living beings. Several international agreements (e.g. Kyoto) and national level steps have undertaken by countries to control CO2 emissions. These steps have put strict regulations on businesses and public sector organizations to reduce their negative contribution to the environment. However, these steps have added to costs of doing business, which in turn pushed up the cost of living. Better and cheaper solutions must be developed and governmental support should be at all levels to deal... with...
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... Illegal Logging as a Tragedy of the Commons Illegal logging is a case of tragedy of the commons, because it benefits only one or few individuals. In addition, this practice is detrimental to the environment, and despite the fact that only the illegal loggers benefit from this, the larger human population is exposed to the environmental risks this practice brings. Before engaging in illegal logging, an individual or a group of people will make their own silent decisions, which will not be made known to other people. First, this is because illegal logging is illegal, therefore, if exposed, these risk prosecution. In addition, illegal logging harms the environment; therefore, if one discloses their desire of logging, people who know... to the...
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Garrett Hardin's The Tragedy of the Commons. W7 disc
...The Tragedy of the Commons by Garrett Hardin’s Garrett Hardin offers an in-depth analysis of issues surrounding humanity’s common resources. There are various common resources alluded to by the author, prominent among them are the geographic commons (the wilderness areas), air waves for telecommunication, public spaces that carry hoardings, the air that we breathe, rivers and oceans, etc. As citizens of a nation, we are all entitled to utilizing the commons for our individual good, albeit respecting certain limitations. One such right to a common resource is the right to procreate. While this might appear at first to be...
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Tragedy of the Commons
...Tragedy of the Commons The article has aged somewhat in terms of the style of language used. One example of this is the mention of psychological constructs such as “the conscience” and “the commons” which sound very old fashioned to the modern reader. Nowadays people still write and talk about moral issues but it is more usual to use terminology such as “ethics” and “social responsibility”. In terms of content, however, the issues of waste disposal, over-population and balancing the needs and wishes of different interest groups are still very much hot topics. The core ideas would not be out of place in a modern discussion because these serious issues have, if anything, grown even more...
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Tragedy of the Commons
...Tragedy of the Commons Question Tragedy of the commons is a concept in economics that refers to the depletion of the common resources such as land, rivers, lakes, forests among other naturally occurring resources. The public shares such resources a feature that demands individual responsiveness when using them in order for the resources to benefit the entire society. However, when utilizing such resources individuals act independently and rationally depletes the resources despite their knowledge of that such mean consumptions is opposes the society’s lasting best interests. The society should place several checks and balances owing to the changing...
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...Political Science Tragedy of the commons refers to an economic theory that s that people acting rationally andindependently according to their self-interests behave divergently to their best interests by depleting common resources (Schick 1998, p45). To overcome this phenomenon, governments use fiscal policies. Governments keenly employ fiscal policies, whether taxation or public spending to tackle market failures and fulfill redistributive goals. The so-called classical duties of governments –to normalize externalities and guarantee sufficient distribution of services and public goods- have a laudable foundation and are for long-term growth alongside social inclusion. Practically,...
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