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Meet Generation Hot by Mark Hertsgaard Are You Ready for More by Sharon Begley Cooler Heads Prevail Against Climate Panic by Jeff Jacoby - Essay Example

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All three writers have very strong arguments to make as far as climate change is concerned. Hertgaard argues that the worst times of global warming actually started in the year 1988 and that people born around that time are referred to be in the Hot Generation…
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Meet Generation Hot by Mark Hertsgaard Are You Ready for More by Sharon Begley Cooler Heads Prevail Against Climate Panic by Jeff Jacoby
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"Meet Generation Hot by Mark Hertsgaard Are You Ready for More by Sharon Begley Cooler Heads Prevail Against Climate Panic by Jeff Jacoby"

Download file to see previous pages She goes on to lament on how the whole world seem to be totally unconcerned about the coming treat. Because of the lack of concern, she argues that there is lack of preparedness for future risks and hazards associated with climate change and global warming. Finally, Jacoby brings up his own arguments on how the alarm raised on climate change is too frightening to be wholly true. He therefore argues that there is false alarm with the facts given about climate change. He proceeds to describe those who keep talking about climate change as scaremongers. His last argument is that the stable climate for the last 12,000 reported by Newsweek is a myth. Claims about climate change made in each text Reading through the texts presented by the three authors there can be a strong and outstanding case made about climate change by each of the authors. Hertgaard’s claim is that “no single event can ever be definitively attributed to global warming; weather results from many factors.” He therefore points to both natural and man made causes as reasons behind the ever growing threat of climate change. Indeed, science has done a lot to warn the world of thins we can do as a people to reduce the threat of climate change but there seem to be very little warning coming in as to how we can reduce the effects of natural causes of climate change. From Begley’s context, there is a strong claim that the harsh conditions associated with climate change will continue. This is to say that climate change has not shown its worse forms yet and that though the world has had a lot to cry about concerning the devastating effects of climate change, there still remains a lot more to worry about if steps will not be taken to prevent the phenomenon. Jacoby’s claim on climate change also has to do with the causes of it whereby he pays tribute to natural factors as the major causes of climate change rather than man-made factors. The author simply opposes that carbon emission and other industrial activities can be the most contributing factors. Claims made in these texts contradict one another and where they are similar Hertgaard and Jacoby make contradictory claims on the major causes of climate change. Whereas Hertgaard believes that larger portion of the cause of climate change is man made and so calls on parents of the Hot Generation to advise their children to stop the phenomenon, Jacoby refers such claims as scaremongering just as was made of the end time on May 21. Between Begley and Jacoby also, there is some level of contradiction on the effect of carbon emission on climate change. Whereas greater part of Begley’s argument is directed towards industrialization and for that matter carbon emission, Jacoby believes that the fight against carbon emission cannot be totally right as industrialization is needed and important for development. There are however similarities in the various articles. For example Hertgaard and Begley all point to industrialization as a serious global threat when it comes to climate change. Indeed, there is no denying the fact that industrialization is very necessary for the advanced development of the world. However, the practice could be given a more environmentally friendly face. Research should continue on how industrialization can be continued without its accompanying practices that lead to carbon emission. Indeed there should be an era in industrialization where carbon emission will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of ""Meet Generation Hot" by Mark Hertsgaard "Are You Ready for More?" by Sharon Begley "Cooler Heads Prevail Against Climate Panic" by Jeff Jacoby." is quite popular among the assignments in college. Still, this paper opens a new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the manner for my own example.
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