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Fast food Influence Fast food has become a unified American institution with restaurants serving a quick bite at each mall and roadside across the whole country. Many of them are seen indulged in serving up just cheap hamburgers and greasy fries. Schlosser traces the development of fast food chains throughout the country after the World War II…
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Fast Food Influence
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"Fast Food Influence"

He opposes the growth of the industry for bringing up such cultural maladies like obesity, classism, environmental desolation, and ultimately the American global imperialism. He is a National Magazine Award-winning journalist who spent three years in analyzing and studying the history and evolution of fast food industry. He also included the business practices of major chains together with the chemical trepidations behind it into his study. The development of the fast-food industry poses several ethical questions for its directly targeting children as the primary consumers. Fast-Food Nation is a fascinating exposure of What Schlosser holds to be wrong with fast-food across the country. Schlosser expresses his idea about what is actually in those fries and burgers and explains why their comparatively inexpensive prices do not reveals their factual human costs. He throws powerful arguments against the industries that are exploiting the workers, obliterating the environment, and forming an obese society in the relentless pursuit of making profit. Most of the chemical industries in New Jersey manufacture fast foods with realistic and delicious flavors to attract the consumers, especially the children. Modern meatpacking plants like the Dickensian also are accused of having one in every three of its workers undergoing serious injuries during every year. Besides, the people are seen lenient towards the addictive, calorific, and potentially disease-carrying foods. The growth of fast-food industries like McDonalds and Disney developed standardization for American culture, and have brought in widespread obesity, urban sprawl and much more disasters. It poses often negative cultural implications, by only providing impressive snippets of information. It affects especially the children who are mainly targeted as consumers of fast-food. Looking back to my childhood experiences I understand that children contribute to the important demographics to marketers as they have their own purchasing power. They can influence the buying decisions of their parents and constitute the adult consumers of the future. Young children are indeed especially vulnerable to misleading advertisements and always think that they are true. My childhood experiences with the advertising had influenced the buying decision of my parents a lot. I was much fascinated by the advertisements on toys and gaming accessories. Action toys from movies and video games always attracted my attention. Such advertisements instilled within me even a habit of collecting things. Unlike the other kids who collect marbles, stamps or coins, I developed a huge collection of store-bought items cards and figures. Later, when the Pokemon launched a set of 150 Pokemon characters into the market, their strategy was to attract the young children to collect all the toy figures. And so they introduced their marketing campaign called “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”, which had a great impact on my younger siblings as well. They were highly influenced by the campaign that they started to buy the cheaply made, over priced figures to add to their collection. About this period Schlosser writes, “One marketing expert has called the 1980s the decade of the child Consumer” (Schlosser, Chp.2). The worst thing is that most collecting habits are short-lived fads and leaving behind boxes of discarded toys. From my experience with my cousins about the fast-food culture, I think that a lot has Read More
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Effects Fast Food on Society
As the report Effects Fast Food on Society declares students do not earn their livelihood and are dependent on their parents for money; fast food seems appealing to them since they can have tasty food in lesser amount of money. In the current times, people tend to leave their homes and come to bigger cities to earn money.
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It acquired its new name in 1940 when two brothers, Mac and Dick, changed it to McDonald’s. It was not until 1948 when the two introduced the ‘Speeder service system’, a concept that aided in changing the whole concept of fast foods (Love, 2008). It was also during this time that they realised that a major part of their returns owed their origin from the sale of hamburgers where they decided to close down the carhop drive to come up with one production system that saw McDonald's produce along one production line; hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks and apple pie.
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Fast food is not only an epithet of American modern life, but it also has its origin in the verdure of American way of pursuing life in all dimensions' .It scintillated on the world map in 1954 followed by take out food in 1962. Apart from the American influence involved in its makeup, fast food has European originality .John Stow's 1958 survey of London exhibits fast food as items and so does Henry Mayhew in his book called Social History of London in the 1840s and 1850s portray it as items on sale.
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