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Democracy - Essay Example

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The word ‘Democracy’ is derived from the two Greek words ‘Demos’ and ‘Kratos’ which mean ‘People’ and ‘Rule’ respectively. So, it can be described as the rule of the people. …
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Download file to see previous pages Lord Bryce states that democracy is “the form of government in which the ruling power is vested not in a particular class but in all the persons of a state”. Abraham Lincoln defined it as “democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Carl Becker defined democracy as “a democratic form of government has always meant one in which the citizens, or a sufficient number of them to represent more or less effectively the common will, freely act from time to time, and according to established forms, to appoint or recall the magistrates and to enact or revoke the laws by which the community is governed” (Modern Democracy). Pre-Requisites of Democracy Democracy is a system, which is successful in a sound political system. Such an atmosphere can be created by enhancing the literacy rate, improved socialization, active involvement of citizens in national politics, replacement of sentimental and violent politics with rational thinking and pacific means, entrance of acceptance and tolerance in political life, and superiority of the national interests. Democracy may flourish only if everyone is given opportunity to participate in political activities and exercise of state powers on basis of merit and ability. However, several professional politicians are creating monopoly in politics due to political ignorance and lack of awareness. Political parties and democracy are nothing without each other. About all states in the world have political parties and representative groups to strengthen the democratic form of government. Democracy develops through unionism, associations, interest groups, and pressure groups. They communicate national problems to people and opinions of the people are made. Democracy is such a political system, which ensures right of opposition and criticism to put government on the right track. While exercising its powers, government may ignore the charter and abuse powers. A strong opposition is therefore necessary to keep government within its limits. Media is often considered as the backbone of democratic system. It serves as a bridge between government and the people. The role of media in the development of democracy is essential, therefore its independence must be ensured. Furthermore, development of democracy requires that regionalism and sectarianism must be discouraged and even to be rooted-out. These things divert attention of government from welfare and development activities. As rulers are representatives, they are responsible before people. Accountability to check government acts results in increased life and quality of democratic systems. Judiciary in this regard is a type of check valve in the system. It must be independent and effective to preserve the rights of the community. Characteristic Conditions of Democracy In democratic states, all people, irrespective of any discrimination, are citizens. According to the traditional concepts, as Aristotle says, “all persons of a state are not citizens as slaves”. It is democracy, which gave equal rights and opportunities even to both sexes and all inhabitants. In this form of government, no one is allowed to rule forever but government changes according to changing conditions. Periodical elections are scheduled to change governments peacefully and through constitutional means. Government is responsible before parliament in parliamentary form of government and representatives are responsible before the electorates. In this political system, representatives have desire for re-election that compels parliamentarians to respect people suggestions. Democratic system ensures that all decisions are made on majority basis and state administration is run according to the will of the majority. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Embassies Worldwide”, “Travel and Visa Information” and “U.S. Department of State.” In effect this splits the original site’s mission into three parts, and changes the role of America.gov from a live and continuous portal of information on official government activities and policies to a historic digital record of the past.
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In America, democracy comes from status Vivendi where the people are more superior to the government while in Russia democracy stems from the understanding that people identify with both the government and its sovereignty. In America, democracy helps the citizens constantly analyze the reaction of the government towards its people.
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Such form of government is known as democratic form of government. It is often defined as the government according to the will of people by the people and for the people (Caramani, 2008,113). It involves election of the representatives through the direct voting and balloting system of the citizens.
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Now they can leave home and be independent. These new independents may apply for a job and do what they had long wanted to do and buy what they had wanted to buy because their parents forbade them not to do or buy before. Democracy can also be defined as the right to vote in any organization.
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The limitations of democracy are common, but its benefits can be attained in the end. American legal system and laws are increasingly defective. Democracy principle bends towards the benefit of the wider society. Democracy’s inadequate skill is not detrimental, however, as the errors are correctable.
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Among the expected merits and therefore payoffs of democracy was that it establishes and protect the freedom of the people, in terms of individuality and as a nation. Democracy therefore gives the public a chance to participate as well as be represented in the
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The word “democracy” may categorically be considered a universal word just like the word “love” which is used in different contexts. To cite some examples, “Mussolini claimed that his Italian Facism is a realization of a “true democracy”; Nazis, speaking through Herr Goebbels, presented the National socialist state as the “most ennobled form of a modern democratic state and finally, not to forget Stalin announced that the Soviet Constitution of 1936 is the only constitution democratic to the limit” (Lewis, p.467 ).
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Democracy Name: Institutional Affiliation: Government During the ancient times, Aristotle categorized regimes in accordance with the magnitude of those being ruled and the ruler ship that existed. These regimes are: First, a tyranny which is a form of regime whereby the leader exercises unchecked authority.
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Democracy usually pertains to a state or a nation where politics reigns supreme undoubtedly. Democracy stands no chance if it is not comprehended from the
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Robert Dahl, arguably the most influential American political scientist of the 20th century reckons that democracy is a utopian concept that is not found anywhere in contemporary geo-politics. In its stead, leading industrial societies of the world, including the United States have a ‘Plutocracy’, where power is shared and wielded by various major public institutions.
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