Has racism ceased to be a major problem in the world - Essay Example

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Racism has not ceased to be a major problem in the modern day world. In fact it has resurfaced in recent years and has become a major concern for many nations of the world. Developed and developing countries are struggling to eradicate this social evil. …
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Has racism ceased to be a major problem in the world
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"Has racism ceased to be a major problem in the world"

Download file to see previous pages What is even more worrying is that it is not restricted to the apartheid promoting continents and nations alone. It has made its ubiquitous way into the very fabric of almost all continents. Racism is a complex phenomenon and cannot be wished away. Discrimination on the basis of colour, race or religion entails the subjugation or oppression of a section of people within a community. To be able to eliminate this social malady one needs to understand the reasons that give rise to discriminatory behaviour of which racism is a major manifestation. Discriminatory behaviour can arise out of feelings of insecurity, fear, hatred and an acute desire to dominate. People who support intolerance towards others usually operate in gangs or groups and target those who are weaker than them. Imperialism and the rise of colonialism from the 15th century onwards have given credence to racial superiority and discriminatory practises based on this perceived superiority. This led to the complete alienation of the people who have been colonized. The prevalence of racism was experienced in Africa, Asia and America at first, and then spread through colonialism to the rest of the world. Racism is manifested through behaviours that encourage separatism, hatred amongst groups and racial or religious intolerance. Racists are unable to accept and/ or tolerate the exclusiveness and distinctiveness of ethnic or cultural groups other than theirs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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