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Sex Education English - Essay Example

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Sex Education The publicized sexual activities of politicians and celebrities are not in line with how the society would like to view the same. This is because the sex education regimes require significance by the people who make it possible in a positive way more than the other way around…
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Sex Education English Essay
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"Sex Education English"

Download file to see previous pages This is not in line with how the celebrities and politicians would like their sexual acts to be portrayed, since they would like to keep a profile which is in keeping with their character and their image more than anything else. This paper discusses the basis of sex education and how it is considered debatable. The debate as to whether the sex education regimes need to be kept numb upon or to speak about the same in a candid way is something that has to be discussed here. But then again, when these politicians, celebrities and renowned personalities commit acts of a sexual nature, then the entire discussion takes a nosedive and there are immense problems that linger on with the debate at hand. What is important here is how well the politicians and celebrities keep their profiles in an easily identifiable manner and what they are doing to make sure that their acts are given the proper leverage that they would like to receive at the hands of the common man and woman on the street. The debate has more feet than one can think of. This is because the people at the helm of affairs within the imparting of sex education have not been able to decipher the true representation and depiction of this form of knowledge which the children of present times should have for their respective personal careers. This would keep them aware of how others can take undue advantage of them and what they must do to make sure that the negativities remain at a fair enough distance from them. This debate has weight because the role played by the politicians and celebrities is not a good one, since they are indulging in acts of a sexual nature, which would in return mean that the teenagers would not mind getting into the same as well. There has to be a dis-associative feeling attached with such a notion in order to bring the debate under wraps, and to find a solution in the end. There is a great amount of evidence available which suggests that sex education should be kept at a safe distance from the shores of the schools and colleges, which is indeed a much debatable aspect of the subject at hand. This is because the sex education domains have only helped the students to grow and develop as a whole. It has asked for their continuous improvement in terms of mental levels and understanding of sensitive issues which they might know come across if they were not subjected to education ranging of a sexual nature. The sex education realms are therefore very closely attached with how well the celebrities and politicians manage their respective selves. If they do not concentrate on hiding their respective sexual acts and involve within such acts, it would mean there are problems of a magnanimous nature and the sex education debates would continue to exist in the coming times as well. The research within the debates of sex education has therefore been inconclusive because a number of factors limit its scope in a number of different ways. This is the reason why celebrities and politicians are often advised to forbid their own selves from indulging in such acts because the children have an impressionable stint within them and thus they adopt all the traits of their famous politicians and celebrities without thinking of the negativities attached with the same. In the end, it would be safe to state that the sex education quarters should always ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sex Education English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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...from these sources. Though some magazines and some sites from the internet are educational and can be sources of proper explanation for sex and sexuality, those providing incorrect information are more common than those that give the right information. Some false information we get from magazines and the internet is that it is normal to be seen by other people while having sex and that to be loved a person should see you naked so that this person would be attracted to you. Information we get from friends and girlfriend or boyfriends are sometimes inaccurate too. This is because friends and girlfriends or boyfriends also get their information from sources such as televisions, magazines,...
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