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In this paper, the author tells the story how she was about six years old the day she got lost. The narrator tells about the girl and how she found the old man, or rather how he found her. And she tells about how frightened she was…
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The Day I Got Lost
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The Day I Got Lost
I was about six years old the day I got lost. We were visiting India on holiday and my mother and I had gone out to shop. I had never seen so many people together at once. There were shopkeepers calling out to us from every corner, and nearly five times as many customers. People kept pushing each other trying to make their way through the crowd. I noticed a little girl about my age standing inside a shop and staring at me through the window. She looked like she wanted to talk. I smiled at her and she stuck her tongue out at me. Angry, I made a face back at her. She did the same. We had been pulling terrible expressions at each other for a while when I finally got tired of it and began to laugh. The girl laughed too. ‘What a strange girl,’ I said to my mother. Hearing no reply I turned around. My mother had disappeared.
My parents and older relatives had always asked me to be a sensible girl and stay calm when something bad happened. So I did not scream. At least, not right away. All of a sudden the crowd seemed to grow bigger, busier. The entire time that I was looking at the girl I had stopped taking notice of it, but now it swarmed around me like a horde of wildebeest. I seemed to drown in trouser legs, saris, skirts, belts, shawls - everywhere around there were stomachs, knees, feet, hands - not a single face could I see. Getting whirled around in that oppression of rustling cloth and foreign smells, I finally screamed as loudly as I could manage: ‘Mommy!’
The crowd around me seemed to slow down. People did not stop right away but I got the impression of more air, people seemed to be moving away. One or two of them stopped at a distance and stared down at me curiously. I did not fit the scene somehow, even though there were other children around, most of who looked not too different from me. My clothes, my skin, my hair, everything seemed to be on display as they looked so intently at me. I was about to start crying when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Normally, I would perhaps have jumped at such an unknown feeling. But this hand was gentle and kind. It belonged to an old man with deep lines around his eyes and mouth which folded this way and that as he smiled at me. He slowly pulled me towards him by my shoulder and kept saying things softly under his breath which I could not understand. Once he had pulled me to a shop where the crowd was less, he looked at me and said, ‘Mother?’ I nodded, ‘I’m lost. She’s going to be very angry with me.’ The old man smiled. I don’t know if he understood what I said but he held up a finger and pointed at his forehead, which he tapped once or twice. ‘Knowing’, he said finally, ‘I knowing.’ Hearing that, I could not help but smile and hugged the strange old man around his knees. He chuckled to himself and patted my head. ‘Come’, he said and gently pulling me off him, he began to walk. I followed him, clutching some of his loose clothes. I did not want to be lost a second time in one day!
We kept making our way through the same busy crowd again and suddenly, panic struck me. I did not even know this man, why was I following him like this. What if he were taking me somewhere bad? I had heard awful stories about kidnappings in India. I had heard that they stole children and broke their arms and legs to make them into beggars. The more I thought about it, the more horrible images began to come into my head. Whatever I had heard grew even worse in my imagination. I could see this old man suddenly pull out a hammer from his loose loincloth and start hitting me with it. Perhaps the man felt me shrinking away because right then he looked back at me. His eyes looked so full of concern that I felt my fears disappear. ‘Baby, okay?’ he asked in a worried voice. I nodded and smiled to let him know it was alright. We kept walking.
In about five minutes, we had approached a large clearing. It looked like the center of the market because there were no shops in the middle but a large open space with a fountain. All the shops were around this open rectangular space and they had tiny lanes beside them. We had just come out of one of these lanes. Beside the fountain, there were many pigeons pecking at some seeds that people had thrown. The sun was just setting above the low shops and it looked so beautiful. Some old grandparents had brought their children beside the fountain and were sitting by it as the kids tried to catch the hungry pigeons. Looking at this lovely sight filled me with deep sadness. ‘I wish my mother could see this,’ I said to myself. We had stopped walking so I knew we must have been close to where this man had seen my mother but nothing could prepare for me what I heard next: ‘She can.’ I turned around to see her standing there. I ran into her arms and stayed there, crying and blubbering for a long time. I noticed she had been crying too. She looked very tired indeed. Poor mother, I thought, she must have been just as worried. ‘How did you find me?’ she asked. I turned around to point the old man to her but he was nowhere to be seen. ‘This is such a strange place. I’m sure there was an old man here just now.’ My mother too began to look for someone like I described but neither of us could see him. ‘Perhaps he was sent by God,’ I finally said. ‘Yes,’ my mother smiled, ‘to return my child to me.’
We had not really got any shopping done but it was already evening and both of us had had enough. We sat beside the fountain for a while, looking at the birds and the slowly emptying shops. My mother held my hand the entire time. I was expecting her to scold me but she did not say anything at all. I told her about the girl and how I found the old man, or rather how he found me. I told her about how frightened I was. My mother listened but did not say a word. Once it was dark, we began to walk back to our hotel. Read More
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cummerataeldora added comment 1 year ago
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I personally never was that great in storytelling. There was a moment I forgot I am reading somebody’s essay and considered this to be a fiction of a famous writer.

derdman added comment 1 year ago
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I think that the title is very short and doesn't really give us a hint of the story mood. One of the important signs of a good text is that its title conveys the core of the story. But I got lost can mean millions of different things. You could opt for a naming your essay 'as 'A child lost in India'. in India! That's something more intriguing than just 'I got lost'. Of course, if you'd write something like The Day I Survived being Kidnapped in India' it would be a spoiler. But anyway, The Hound of the Baskervilles is also a spoiled, but a good story cannot be really spoiled by giving out some facts. Think of that the next time.
rbernhard added comment 1 year ago
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I see how everyone praises the structure of this essay but guys, be honest, the structure is not so transparent. It's quite hard to read this text because there is a lot of text but too few paragraphs that divide this text into different content units. God, it's hard simply to follow the line because the dialogs are mixed with descriptions, and my eyes get tired of trying to follow the very line I read at the moment. I'd advise the author to learn how to press the enter from time to time.
hprice added comment 1 year ago
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It's apparent to that this essay was written by an experienced writer AND reader. Why do I say so? Because one cannot prepare a well-structured and fascinating piece of text without extensive experience in reading. Only while reading we learn how a good narrative should look like. We probably cannot express it in a few principles but grasp a particular understanding of a well-told text.
legrospansy added comment 1 year ago
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I find this essay good. Probably, because getting lost is in my book too. So I do feel like having this in my experience again.
legrospansy added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
I find this essay good. Probably, because getting lost is in my book too. So I do feel like having this in my experience again.
akris added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as

Hey, can you share a better one? I liked this sample. It is fine, well written, structured and so on. I wonder, how a narrative essay can be ‘better’? Is it about style or smth?

wizajimmy added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
Well, as for me, this one is a pretty standard example of a narrative essay. I wouldn’t claim it to be ‘the finest’ as it is stated in the description. Yeah, it works as a sample. Still, I’ve seen it done better.
zhettinger added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as

Writing a narrative essay is always a struggle. I personally wander around in procrastination for hours, trying to find some kinds of ideas on what I would like to write. This one was useful, for I finally understood HOW it is done. Many thanks to the author.


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