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The essays, which the author has chosen to discuss here, include development of career passport, the way of knowing, and volunteering. The reason behind the selection of these three essays for improvement is that all of these essays were different from each other, which provided him with the opportunity to expand his knowledge while correcting the errors that existed in them…
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Development of career passport, the way of knowing and volunteering
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Dwayne Anderson Prof Amy Rofail English Comp 101 May 16, The Final Essay (Portfolio Assignment) The essays, which I have chosen to discuss herein my last essay, include development of career passport, the way of knowing, and volunteering. The reason behind the selection of these three essays for improvement is that all of these essays were different from each other, which provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge while correcting the errors that existed in them. Moreover, I wanted to correct different types of mistakes in order to improve my English writing style. The first essay, which I selected for improvement, was related to development of a career passport. This was the first essay and there were numerous errors in that. Majority of the errors were related to punctuation, grammar, and incorrect MLA format. The first error was incorrect writing format in MLA style. I did not put any header in the start of the essay, which is the basic requirement of MLA style. Moreover, I did not write any title for the essay before beginning to write the essay. There were also some other mistakes like no double spacing, incorrect placement of words, and punctuation errors. Before starting to correct the mistakes present in the essay, I wrote down every single error with its line number on a separate sheet. After that, I wrote the comments of the mentor about all errors in front of the errors. Now, this was the time for me to start correcting the mistakes. Therefore, I started to correct the mistakes by including the MLA style header on the top left corner of the essay before writing anything on the paper. After being done with the inclusion of a proper header, I wrote down the title for the essay in order to make the reader aware of the subject of the essay. Then I corrected the punctuation mistakes that were there in the paper. My mentor’s instructions helped me a great deal in this regard. He was the one who pointed all punctuation mistakes and suggested me the corrections my mentioning the correct replacements. I also corrected every grammar mistake according to the instructions of the mentor. Moreover, I made the essay double-spaced as indicated by the mentor. After correcting all major mistakes, I came up with a nice essay, which was not only written in a correct MLA format, but also it was without any type of English language error. The title of the second essay was The Way of Knowing. This was the second essay, which I wrote in this semester, and this time the errors were related to grammar and use of improper words in the essay. This time there was not a single punctuation error or MLA format error mentioned by the mentor in the essay. When I received the marked essay from my mentor, I had mixed sort of feelings. I was happy because I had gotten rid of the punctuation and style errors but at the same time, I became a bit depressed when I looked at the plenty of grammar errors. However, I made up mind to remove those errors as suggested by the mentor. Before starting to correct the grammar and improper wording mistakes present in the essay, I wrote down every error with its line number on a separate sheet just as I did while correcting my first essay. After writing all errors along with the comments of the mentor, I started to correct each error. However, this time I was not just improving the mistakes, rather I was also consulting a grammar book in order to improve my concepts regarding all sorts of grammar errors, such as, correct use of tenses and correct placement of words. I also decided to pay full attention while writing essays in future. The third essay, which I selected for improvement, was Volunteering. This time the errors were not related to grammar, rather there were flaws in the essays, such as, no proper introduction or conclusion. Moreover, I was embarrassed to see the problem of incorrect placement of words again in the essay. Another mistake was that I did not write the essay in third person. Starting to correct the errors, I applied the same procedure for writing down the errors. After being done with noting the errors, I corrected the improper use of words, added a few more lines to the introduction, and added a good conclusion for the essay. These were three of the essays, which I selected for improvement. One thing, which I must mention here, is that I really improved my style of writing by improving the essays according to the instructions of my mentor. Works Cited No sources required for this essay. Read More
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