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A Day When Everything Went Wrong - Essay Example

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This essay relates the author's experience when he could not control anything from taking a wrong turn due to which he was subjected to face grave consequences. The author of the paper suggests that everyone faces some of those days when one bad thing leads to another bad thing…
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A Day When Everything Went Wrong
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Extract of sample "A Day When Everything Went Wrong"

There are necessarily some days in everyone’s life in which everything takes a wrong turn leaving one helpless and paralyzed at the grave losses and their problematic consequences. Actually, this is a fact that there is usually one factor that leads to a series of problems that one is left to face in a single day. I myself remember one such day when I could not get a hold on my bad temper as a result of which literally everything that day slipped out of my hands right in front of my eyes. In most of the cases, a person experiences some seriously unpleasant issue in the morning that leads to a perturbed mood and morose behavior. If one is not able to control those resentful feelings at the very start, then the whole day is guaranteed to be spent in a thoroughly distasteful manner.
I experienced this highly memorable day when I was in high school. I got up in the morning slightly late for school with a swinging headache. Slowly, I managed to go downstairs for a hurried breakfast when it hit my mind that I had my English literature paper that day which was set to start just after ten minutes. When I finally got a hold on myself after a minute, I anxiously left for the college in a rush only to find half an hour later that I was not allowed to sit in the exam hall at any cost. The price I was bound to pay for getting late for the exam was to be in the form of a re-exam that could have stopped me from progressing in the next year as well. No amount of pleading affected the professor in charge of course and so, I was left heavily disturbed and perplexed. Appalling concerns regarding my future started to haunt me in the most terrible way and since I happen to have a weak heart, I easily succumbed to the horror of depression. My temper also started to gain speed with the rising depression, and I developed the most morose aura that did not help me feel any better. Read More
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The topic of "A Day When Everything Went Wrong" is quite popular among the assignments in high school. Still, this sample opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the style for my own document.

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