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English Language Assessment and Testing - Essay Example

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SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT: ASSESSMENT AND TESTING Name and surname(s): Login: ECFPMTFL883774 Group: 29 Date: 09/23/2012 Assessment and Testing - Assignment (FPMTFL-FP012_EngX1_Tr1_E0) Assignment: Part.1: Introduction A good test must possess three qualities: validity, reliability, and practicality…
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English Language Assessment and Testing
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"English Language Assessment and Testing"

Download file to see previous pages The test has an essential difference between the traditional grammar test for native speaker of English and the kind of structure test appropriate for the EFL/ESL learner. It is generally assumed that the native speaker of the language has mastered a grammatical system largely or wholly acceptable for informal discourse, grammar test at least on the high school and college levels have usually concentrated on matters of style and diction appropriate for rather formal written English. On the other hand, structure tests for foreign students will have as their purpose the testing and control of the basic grammatical patterns for the spoken language. Such tests would constitute no challenge for native speakers of Standard English, who, except for carelessness, would be expected to make perfect scores. Only for the most advanced foreign leaners are test of formal style and diction at all meaningful, and then they are better treated as tests of writing ability and kept quite separate from the test of structure. The test devised includes the full range of structures that were taught in the course, and each structural type receives about the same emphasis in the test that it received in the classroom. The test contains two parts, in the first one (1-15), the student must select the most appropriate answers for the spaces to make grammatically correct sentences. Each item presents a context in which one or more words are missing, followed by several alternative completions. In the second part, the student must identify in each item one of the underlined words that is incorrect. Once identified, the student must circle it. Finally, I have discussed the principles of language testing in relation to the test I have designed. There are 20 questions in the test. They should constitute a total of 100 marks. This implies that each question should contain 5 marks. The table prepared should be followed in marking the test. Part.2: Specified Objective Reading Test English Language Assessment and Testing A. In the following questions (1-15), select the most appropriate answers for the spaces to make grammatically correct sentences. 1. George ____ in the library this morning. A. Is studying B. Study C. Usually study D. Are studying 2. Alice _______ the door please, it’s ­­­­_____ hot in here. A. Open, quite B. Opens, too C. Opened, extremely D. Will you open, terribly 3. Jacob’s hobbies include swimming, jogging, and ______. A. Play football B. Playing football C. To play football D. Football 4. The book was as _____ the movie. A. Interesting as B. More interesting C. As interesting like D. Very interesting 5. Who is ______, Brian or Pete? A. Tall B. Tallest C. Taller D. Is the tallest 6. Mr. Joseph advises that someone ____ the data immediately by email. A. Send B. To sent C. Should send D. Has to send 7. There are only ______ Birthday cards left in the store. A. A little B. A few C. Some D. Few 8. Almost all the Olympic athletes _____ for a couple of years before they became stars. A. Trained B. Had been training C. Undergone training D. Underwent training 9. Joshua likes silver coated watches, ______, he does not like diamond coated watches. A. But B. And C. So D. However 10. The school will upgrade _____ Physics laboratory next month. A. there B. their C. its D. it’s B. In the following sentences, one of the underlined words is incorrect. Identify and circle it. 11. Mr. John is telephoning British red cross for help. A. Mr. B. Is C. telephoning D. red ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“English Language Assessment and Testing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1402249-english-language-assessment-and-testing.
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