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China. Cultural background - Essay Example

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Cultural background has always been a very important aspect that affects different people in various ways. As Jay-z`s lyrics state “No lie, just know I chose my own fate” (Schemerhorn 364). …
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China. Cultural background
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"China. Cultural background"

Download file to see previous pages They would like to have the opportunity to seek their own preferences; however, there is a lot of pressure that comes from either family or the society. As everybody knows, China has a huge population, which means it is getting harder and harder for young people to find jobs. The society offers various opportunities for young people, but there are some differences and different requirements between each social class. Unlike in the United States, people will always be respected no matter what kind of job they do or what kind of lifestyle they choose for themselves. Moreover, many great opportunities are not only offered to people who are well educated but also to those who have working experience. Companies are more focused on personal skills and working experiences more than any other thing. Education is not the only major consideration for people who want to find a job. On the contrary, professional background and the level of education is a very important condition which can put one in different positions available in China. As a result of pursuing interests by ignoring the competition within the society, the people in China will have less choice than others. Based on some researches, the rate of employment in China increased to over 87% by 2011 (Online). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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