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Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct - Research Paper Example

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Extinction implies the extermination of any species or in other words the death of the last individual belonging to that specie which in turn means that the existence of that particular species on earth wouldn’t be apparent anymore…
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Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct
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"Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct"

Download file to see previous pages Dinosaurs are also one such specie which became extinct over a period of time, who are believed to be a set of animals being either herbivores or ever carnivores, also being ornithopods or even quadrupeds with extremely long tails or legs. Usually, their leg are stretched erect beneath their bodies however, the fossil record indicates that they have been found in many distinct forms over the period of time. They have been found in various locales distributed widely over the planet earth and vary from terrestrial to marine beings. Dinosaurs are believed to be extinct by the end of the Cretaceous period. In other words, these dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago, though they have been found to be living on earth for about 165 million years ago (When did dinosaurs become extinct 2012). There have been many explanations for the extinction of the dinosaurs, for instance the asteroid impact, disease, volcanic eruptions etc, however, the most widely accepted theory is the climate change theory, and thus this paper aims at discussing all these reasons and theories in details to locate which explanation offers the most convincing account of what actually happened.
Starting off with the Asteroid theory which is also one of the most popular theories floating in this context, it implies that the extinction owes much to the hitting of a comet or an asteroid about 65 million years ago....
Thus, since the effect was too extreme to handle, survival rate was technically zero. According to the researchers, this asteroid was about 4-9 miles in length and evidence indicates that it hit the earth at the Yucatan Peninsula which is found at the Gulf of Mexico. Moreover, due to the huge size of the comet, the after effects were also quite massive, i.e. severe storms, huge forest fires etc hit mother earth and thus dinosaurs were nowhere to be seen following this event, and it is also said that it took about six months after the event for the sunlight to appear again. However, certain assumptions tend to negate this very theory, as the facts recovered by scientists indicate. For instance, the element or rather the chemical which leads towards the resistance for sunlight reducing photosynthesis or to cause other changes, is caused by the element Iridium which is found generally in meteors and causes these massive effects. Though the size of the meteor as indicated by the scientists was large enough to cause the destruction, but another shocking indication completely negates the proposition. Reason being that though one hand where all meteors contain Iridium, Comet doesn’t. Also the material found later on indicates that the material was either too high or too low to cause massive destruction, thus, this fact completely negates the destruction. Thus, while making logical connections and deriving conclusions, all facts have to be kept into mind and if any of these assumptions is ignored faulty propositions come up, thus propositions of this theory need to study this theory in detail. The second explanation which the scientists give to justify the extinction of the dinosaurs is the volcanic eruptions. Usually, whenever there is an eruption in the volcanoes, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/english/1400029-why-did-dinosaurs-become-extinct.
“Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1400029-why-did-dinosaurs-become-extinct.
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