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Analysis Of The Gift Of The Magi - Essay Example

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The paper "Analysis Of The Gift Of The Magi" discusses the story of Della and Jim and their quest to both give each other the perfect present this Christmas despite financial constraints. The plot is not out of the ordinary but is adequate to teach readers of all ages…
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Analysis Of The Gift Of The Magi
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"Analysis Of The Gift Of The Magi"

Download file to see previous pages And lastly, the ending is satisfying but has failed to uplift the interest of its readers. JOURNAL ENTRY 14. AMERICAN HISTORY Like the short story “American History,” Toni Cade Bambara’s “Blues Ain’t No Mockin’ Bird” also details how its setting is essential in establishing the plot and the time frame of the story. Based on their manner of speaking, the setting may be estimated during the1950s to 60s or maybe just prior to the popularity and rise of Martin Luther King – due to the existence of a camera. A place off the countryside, some of the characters mentioned that this event took place in a county. And since there are children involved in the story, it had also probably occurred during summer or school break – where kids can enjoy the warm sun and the greenery outside their lawn. JOURNAL ENTRY 15. AMERICAN HISTORY Door of Hope for the United States Inside the door of hope for the United States are flashes of the colors blue, white, and red – or the colors of the national flag. The color red symbolizes traumatic yet significant events like the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the fall of the World Trade Center, and the like. Like Elena, I would continue to hope for such inevitable events that would make this country stronger, united, and hopeful that everything that happens is for the betterment of the country. The color blue symbolizes peace, serenity – that is above everything bad that is happening in the country peace will still outshine in the hearts and minds of every American hoping for a better future. And the color white symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Despite the unending destructive events in the country, I am still hopeful that this country will be able to bring out a just, humane, and decent society, who only hopes for the betterment of the country and not the betterment of the elite few. Door The door open for Me Like Elena, I only hope that the El Building will remain only a setting of the past and the present. Whatever the future may bring, and the course of outcome of Kennedy’s assassination and other significant events, I only hope that El Building will only be a bridge that will take me towards my dreams and aspirations towards a better life outside this suburban community. And through the El Building, and its significant lessons that has taught me, I may be able to explore the world full of hope, dream, and pride. Door of Hope for the World For the third door of hope, I would hope that the world would continue to be as blue and green as it has always been, with hardly the shades of gray, black, and red. The vast water bodies, bolstering with pride at its cool sea breeze. The green mountains and landforms, signifying the healthy state of nature – as it conquers shades of gray, black, and red or the colors of destruction, famine, and war. JOURNAL ENTRY 16. HELEN ON EIGHTY-SIXTH STREET Vita, the main character on Helen on Eighty-Sixth Street: Physical Attributes Vita struck me as a nerd. A girl who studies so hard that she already memorized the story of Helen of Troy and the Trojan War word for word, cover to cover. Although not explicitly mentioned, Vita may be less than physically attractive than Helen. This may have been the basis why Mr, Dodd initially chose Vita to be in the Trojan Horse. Emotional Attributes Because of the absence of her father, Vita is somehow longing for security that only a father could provide. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Gift of the Magi
At the end, they find that the most important gift is their true love for one another. The author wrote this story to touch his readers by showing two people who sacrificed anything for their loved ones. Throughout the story, the author uses pathos to convey the message that the best gift of all is true love.
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Italy's Gift
Waves of seekers from the colder climates of Northern Europe made their way on arduous journeys through stormy seas and over treacherous mountain passes to drink at the fountain of Italian art and history. It is well known that some of the great writers, politicians and artists of Europe took part in a Grand Tour, and that many more were inspired by the wondrous tales that others brought back to their homeland.
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The Gift of the Magi written by William Sydney Porter
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The story The Gift of the Magi written by William Sydney Porter begins with Della Dullingham remaining with $1.87 at the eve of Christmas. Della loved his husband, Jim and wanted to buy him an ultimate gift despite their poverty.
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The Gift of the Magi Archetypes
Carl Jung’s theory illustrates that archetypes depict inherited modes or ideas of thoughts. These thoughts come from a person’s experience and are present in the subconscious. Character archetypes in this story include the hero and heroine.
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The Gift of the Magi
It is on these literary devices of irony and symbolism, upon which the author builds the story and conveys the message effectively. 'The Gift of The Magi' is a poignant story about a couple who love and adore each other and the story is set in a simple yet traditional background, where Jim, Della's husband goes out to work and earn a living, whilst Della plays the homely wife, looking after the house and cooking in the kitchen for Jim, her husband.
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The Gift Of the Magi By O.Henry
Della, the young wife who can afford no gift for her beloved husband decides to sell her beautiful long hair, to buy a chain for his treasured heirloom watch. Ironically. Della's gift at first dismays her husband Jim because in wanting a worthy Christmas gift for her, he has sold the watch to buy combs for her beautiful hair.
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Critical Analysis of The Journey of the Magi
Eliot skillfully uses a wealth of imagery and symbolism to highlight this poignant recital of one mans’ pilgrimage of faith and self-discovery, which is widely acknowledged to reflect the poets’ own journey from agnosticism to belief and his conversion to the Anglican Church in 1927 - the year in which The Journey of the Magi was written.
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Self-Sacrifice in O.Henry's Gift of the magi and Rabindranath Tagore's The Cabuliwallah
Each of these stories was written about giving at the cost of something most precious (Griffiths 3-3). It is the cost that seems very
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Understanding Of Literary Terms
The personalities of the characters Jim and Delia contribute to the presentation of the theme of the story. The setting of the story contributed to the theme the author wished to convey. It illustrated the poor living conditions of the
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The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

The author states that there are several themes in this story.  The first one is the theme of love which knows no bounds. The second theme deals with sacrifice as both the husband as wife sacrifice their most valuable possessions to buy each other gifts. Among the themes is the one of wealth, although it is not material but rather spiritual wealth.

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