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Effects of Heat Treatment on Plain Carbon Steel - Term Paper Example

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The purpose of the study “Effects of Heat Treatment on Plain Carbon Steel” is to investigate the effects of heat treatment on plain carbon steel and its microstructure. The study will answer a question: Is there a clear correlation between the impact energy absorbed and the fracture surface character?…
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Effects of Heat Treatment on Plain Carbon Steel
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Download file to see previous pages They were subjected to different temperatures to help identify the changes in the steel alloys. The metals retained the brittle fracture at low temperatures or very high strain rates. The ductile fracture was maintained at low temperatures. The ductile to brittle transition temperature was identified to -40°C. The study was able to determine the fracture of the carbon steel and their impact energy at different temperatures. The experiment helped to identify that transition temperature could be reduced if carbon content minimized in the microstructure, and subjected to the same conditions.
V-notch tests were performed on medium carbon steel which was heat-treated for 1 hour at 1100°C then cooled at room temperature. The medium carbon steel contains 0.045wt% C and is used in many structural components in industries such as automotive, shipbuilding, oil pipeline, and aerospace.
The higher the content of carbon in the carbon steel metals, the lower the ductility and brittle fracture. Ductile to brittle transition temperature is the temperature at which failure of a metal shift from ductile fracture to brittle fracture mode. The DBTT of many steel alloys is mostly below the room temperature. The ductility of a metal might be acceptable at room temperature but it fails in service when there is a decrease in temperature. This means that before any application such as designing ships and automobiles the DBTT ought to be considered if the steel is to be subjected to low temperatures. This would help prevent the brittle failures experienced.
The Charpy V-notch test was used to determine the DBTT as it is the most common method that is used. The ductile to brittle transition temperature was observed by analyzing the energy absorbed by the metal sample in relation to temperature. It can also be obtained by analyzing the relative fractions of ductile and brittle fracture surface as a function of temperature.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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