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Fire Safety and Prevention in Construction - Research Paper Example

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This paper will begin with the statement that in the pre-industrialization periods, building homes was done by residents of that community or society. Nowadays, the job of building homes and houses, in general, is done by builders, and then they are put on sale to interested parties to buy them…
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Fire Safety and Prevention in Construction
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Extract of sample "Fire Safety and Prevention in Construction"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the building industry is currently profit driven. Contractors aiming at increasing profits are struggling to reduce the construction costs and the price of the building materials that are used in construction. They have also increased their knowledge by specializing in the different sectors of the building. This change has also led to a change in the materials that are used in the building sector. Nowadays materials such as glass, metal, foam and even plastic are being used in the construction sector. This is quite different from the materials that were being used long ago which included clay and thatch. Along with the change of these building materials, industrialization has seen the stick frame building rise and the use of cheap fuels. The provision of cheap lumber and other cheap construction materials has resulted in the offering of high profits to the contractors. As the building materials changed, so did the principles of thermal and solar utilization. Today there is a forced heating and cooling that has established the standard of the American construction. The green builders use the ancient principles that included the rammed earth construction and the straw bale construction where they kept the pas building principles. Although these builders are exceedingly little today, this is because; this process needed a lot of attention, and labor to enable robust construction of the buildings so that they last longer. This has made it exceedingly difficult for most American homeowners to acquire these kinds of homes. The technology that is being utilized today uses the ancient thermodynamic construction principles in a different system. They use few materials and less construction time. This process is straightforward to implement for the contractors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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