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The Various Uses of the Machine Gun - Literature review Example

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This literature review "The Various Uses of the Machine Gun" discusses the various uses of the machine gun that is not obsolete, and continues to be used in major combat situations, it is considered to be the most life-changing of the weapons. There is no doubt that the machine gun has changed the world.  …
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The Various Uses of the Machine Gun
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Extract of sample "The Various Uses of the Machine Gun"

Download file to see previous pages All of these could be considered to be causes, in a sense. Since the other weapons were handy in more one-on-one combat situations, with the exception of the crossbow, the other weapons could not really have a life-changing effect on humanity. The crossbow, the only other weapon that was used in major combat situations, was not selected as a life-changing weapon simply because it is currently obsolete, although, in its day, it was game-changing in ancient wars, much like the machine gun is today. Since the machine gun is not obsolete and continues to be used in major combat situations, it is considered to be the most life-changing of the weapons. The history of the machine gun has already been covered in previous papers, so there is no need to reiterate this here. Rather, the various uses of the machine gun will be more elaborated.
One of the ways that machine guns were used was as a weapon in the struggle between management and organized labor in the late 1800s, early 1900s. For instance, H.J. Raymond, who owned the New York Times, purchased three Gatling guns in 1863 as protection from his offices, because he feared that mobs would attack his office because his newspaper had come out in favor of the unpopular Conscription Act that year. In 1877, it was used to arm the Philadelphia National Guard during the Great Strike. In 1891, when miners went on strike to protest cheap convict labor, it was used to arm the Tennessee National Guard. The Pennsylvania National Guard was armed with it in the siege at Carnegie's Homestead steel mills in 1892 (Ellis, 1975, p. 42). In none of these situations was the gun actually fired, probably because it was so fearsome that just the knowledge that the gun was available was enough to quell riots or potential riots. This was evidence by what the leader of an unofficial union of longshoremen who struck in San Francisco around the turn of the century. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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