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Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light Aviation Sectors of the UK - Dissertation Example

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The interest of this dissertation under the title "Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light Aviation Sectors of the UK" is to ascertain the needs of aircraft maintenance training in both the commercial and light aviation sectors in the UK. …
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Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light Aviation Sectors of the UK
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Extract of sample "Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light Aviation Sectors of the UK"

Download file to see previous pages The aerospace industries which is at the forefront of wealth production worldwide, and continue to be of crucial importance to the economic strength of the UK rely on skills in a sound understanding of engineering and science areas relating to aircraft design and manufacture. Avionics institutions productions and outputs in terms of graduates in the field of engineering were surveyed by way of mailed questionnaires to gain the perspective on the prospects of manpower supply to satisfy the demand for avionics engineers. It was also geared towards awareness of the limiting factors confronting potential candidates for training.

The study revealed that: all-male composed the aircraft maintenance engineers’ population; Most of the respondents were 36 – 40 years old (16 or 53.33 %) which is the highest value, and it is in close proximity to the retirement age; Majority of the respondents were married; Majority of the respondents were bachelor’s degree holder only; The present numbers of master’s degree holder and postgraduate degree holder will increase in the near future; Minimal numbers of qualified aircraft maintenance engineers are in the UK airlines; The higher is the educational attainment of the respondents, the lower is their frequency; The respondents know that there is aircraft maintenance training in every airline; The respondents believed that training will help them boost their confidence and self-efficacy; The respondents know how to use the aircraft maintenance manual. However, they still want to undergo training. This is because there were lots of innovations and newly discovered technology for the enhancement or improvement of the services of the aircraft; not all of the military divisions and educational institutions supply enough training for workload in aircraft maintenance engineering; Some of the respondents were not familiar with the computer or software usage; All of the respondents were knowledgeable with there workload.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light A Dissertation.
(Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light A Dissertation)
Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light A Dissertation.
“Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light A Dissertation”.
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43
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