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FMEA is used for the discussion of any likelihood of failure within a system for grouping by the severity and failure potentiality. FMEA facilitates in…
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Failure Mode Effective Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages In the following years, it was employed in the aerospace industries to eliminate errors in the industry due to its use of massive funds. It then spread across many other manufacturing industries throughout the world ever since. Today its use is slowly entering the service industry. There are numerous approaches and methods of FMEA have been created by researchers across the very many professional fields besides engineering. FMEA is various forms whereby some are more frequently used compared to others. They include concept FMEA in which we have design FMEA and process FMEA.
FMEA has for many decades been used by researchers in the early design concepts to analyze systems and subsystems. An investigation of FMEA single failures of the system was involved in the identification of the failure modes, the causes and the results of each possible failure mode on the service and developing appropriate corrective measures. FMEA when extended by Criticality Analysis process (CA) it became the Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA). On their analysis, they provided the description and a review of FMECA fundamental principles, methods enhancements, types, automation and available computer codes, how it is combined with other techniques applications of particular types.
An approach that analyzed the design work guidelines, product features analysis, review of product design and work design team building model was later developed. This model described the application of tools for a design like the design for assembly (DFA), FMEA and quality function development (QFD). DFA implementation was monitored in three products development projects in a period of two years. They concluded that DFA method was able to be used for four purposes that correspond to GAPT model levels. The method led to more cooperation between production engineers and designers and better communication. The outcomes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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