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This essay discusses plans on how to use the 15 by 15-foot office space. The intern space is a great idea to ensure that the potential. This intern space is meant to be an entertainment center for the interns.  This entertainment center will act as a recreational center for these interns…
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Plans on How to Use the 15 by 15 Foot Office Space
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Plans on How to Use the 15 by 15 Foot Office Space
It is with great pleasure that I write this memo to you sir. Below is the plan on how to use the dollar $50000 you issued.
Purpose of the intern space
The intern space is a great idea to ensure that the potential of the interns is realized. This shows that you sir have good intentions at heart at for these interns. This intern space is meant to be an entertainment center for the interns. This entertainment center will act as a recreational center for these interns. The reason is that most of these interns are supposed to work for only 2 to 4 hours per day. Then the rest of the day, the interns are allowed to go home as they please. However, with this entertainment center, the interns will have an opportunity to converge together in the entertainment centers and in the process, they get to share experiences and come up with creative ideas. Occasionally, other employees could join the interns in the entertainment rooms and motivate them to work hard and get employed some day. Moreover, the entertainment centers will also be a perfect space to conduct motivational talks where various motivational speakers can be invited to motivate these interns.
Planned purchases
This entertainment centers will act as recreational centers for these interns and a place that they can unwind after facing a lot of pressure at work. That is why it is necessary for it to be as comfortable as possible. The following are the purchases that are planned for the entertainment space:
Samsung 55’ class LED 2160p-Smart-4K Ultra HD TV at $ 1099.99
Homelegance sectional sofa & chaise in brown rhino microfiber $1005.02
Bell’O Triple Play Flat Panel TV Mounting System with Swivel mounting $219.99
Venetian Worldwide Crank book charcoal gret sectional sofa$962.99
breville juice fountain plus electric juicer-silver $149.99

Bose CineMate 130 Home theatre system $1499

Panasonic-4K Smart 3D WI-FI Built-in Blu-Ray player $118.99

APC Performance Surge Arrest 11 Outlet with phone splitter and coax$49.19
GE Profile Series 22 cu.ft. Built-In side-by-side Refrigerator-Stainless steel $8099

keurig 2.0 k5550 4-cup coffeemaker-black/dark grey $199.99
Frigidaire home comfort 10000 BTU through the wall air conditioner and 10600 but heater &599.99
wildon home patia coffee table set finish espresso $423.39
The reason for this choice is that most interns are often afraid of dealing with other employees in the organization. Since most this is the first internship for most of them, it is important to make them feel comfortable and cared for. As a result, they are able to be highly motivated to maximize on their potential (Chapman and Ward, 400). The purchases I made are the most cost effective in the market considering the high quality products they are and the likelihood of them to last long. I use some of these at home and I can assure you that they are among the best qualities there is in the market. Plans are also underway to create soundproof walls in the office space to reduce the disturbance to other employees in the organization. This is likely to cost approximately $ 10000 together with stocking the fridge with snacks, purchasing coffee, and other small kitchen appliances including some mugs and glasses. The room will also be stocked with various magazines and books on IT and how the organization works to enable the interns to peruse through whenever they get the chance. I hope that you will consider this plan and give a go ahead for me to start working on it. Thank you for your level of cooperation and unduly attention to this project.
Kindest regards
IT intern coordinator

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Chapman, Chris and Stephen Ward. "Project Risk Management." Business & Economics (2007): 408. Read More
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