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Washington monument ( Washington DC ) - Research Paper Example

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The potential of the projects’ designers to develop plans that are feasible and effective is depended not only on the designers’ competencies but also on the social and economic conditions…
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Washington monument ( Washington DC )
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Extract of sample "Washington monument ( Washington DC )"

Download file to see previous pages The analysis of the monument’s terms of constructions reveals that the developers of this project had many challenges to face: still, within low-cost material and equipment they’ve managed to create a monument which is still unique worldwide.
The use of monuments for highlighting the importance of an event or for showing respect and honor to an individual is a common phenomenon in societies worldwide. In this paper a monument which is closely related to the history of US is presented: the Washington Monument, in the capital of US. It was 1848 that the construction works for the development of this monument started; however, the monument was completed quite later, in 1884 (Craven, par.1).
The monument reflects the commitment and the loyalty to the country, principles that have been highly promoted by George Washington, the ‘first President of US’ (Nobleman, 5). In fact, the Washington Monument has been constructed as ‘an honor to G. Washington’ (Nobleman, 5). For this reason, Washington has been chosen as the most appropriate place for this monument: for the capital of US the surname of G. Washington has been used. In this city also, a monument should be constructed in his memory (Nobleman, 5); no other area would be appropriate for such monument.
In terms of the monument’s materials, emphasis has been given on ‘marble, granite and sandstone’ (Washington DC, par.1). This choice has been rather based on these materials’ ability to keep their consistence even under extremely adverse climate conditions. Having such quality, these materials would be appropriate to highlight Washington’s ‘strength as a leader’ (Nelson, 11). Also, such materials could secure the resistance of the monument in time. Materials which are critical in modern construction projects, such as metals and aluminum, were still produced at quite low volume in US (Cody 7) and their cost was quite high, a fact that has discouraged ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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